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    Bushings Needed!

    1st post here so please pardon if it's not in the correct location. My desire is to put the 3K Cyclone Mid-Drive on my Roadmaster F.S. Elite Black River Canyon III bike. The main issue currently is the fact the "Bottom Bracket" is not threaded. Instead it's just a tube that is 2" diameter and 2 3/4 long. I really would not rather get a different bike. I have checked with the bike shops in the DFW area and others. At this point I am thinking the only way to get the correct bushings would be to have a machine shop make them. ($$$) If anyone knows where I might find what I need or has any suggestions, please feel free to comment.
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    So I have an On-One Fat bike with a 100mm BBSHD which is great fun. But i like tinkering so I have a Specialized Carbon 'fatboy' which has a 100mm BB. I

    Check out that link it may be what you are looking for.


      You can also check out this adapter

      This also comes in black, just click on the word "bottom brackets" above the image.

      It's for converting a steel one piece crank to a three piece crank, or for using a cartridge bottom bracket.

      Your BB is 2" inside diameter. You need to remove the bearing cups with a hammer and piece of wood, or steel rod, if you have not done that yet,


        Ewetah, thanks for the link. It appears he ended up using the same bushings I am now considering, thanks to a friends recommendation, at Ebay.

        I wish the seller would provide more detailed information concerning all dimensions, such as what's the flange outside diameter, what's the threads will they match up with the Standard BB I am considering at Luna?

        1 cog, Nice looking part but apparently to large of diameter. Mine is only 57.15mm. Yes I have removed everything.
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          Well, drop a note to the seller and suggest that he add the dimensions of interest. He probably isn't aware it's even considered for ebike adaptations, and might appreciate knowing.

        The PF-30 BB shell is 46mm inside diameter,

        American bikes with a steel one piece crank have a 2 inch or 50.8mm inside diameter BB opening.

        The PF-30 bushings will be 4.8mm too small.

        Is the 57.15mm reading the inside or outside diameter of your opening.

        This adapter is 2 inch diameter X 68mm length. 68mm (road bike) to 73mm (mountain bike) is standard width on a lot of BBs.

        I can't find any results in my searches of anybody installing a bbsxx on a bike using this adapter.


          1 cog,
          Glad you mentioned what you've mentioned. I have remeasured the BB tube and it is 2" diameter! So the PF-30's will not work on the "Standard Square Tapered BB for Cyclone - 68-83mm
          that I have arriving soon? (I don't understand "bbsxx"). So the "black ops" BB you have mentioned is at Amazon will work?


            There's a pic somewhere of a guy who machined an adapter that was made from hard plastic.

            edit: found it, looked for "Nirve Switchblade"

            I bought a secondhand Nirve Switchblade with the purpose of making an eChopper. This is what it currently looks like: The motor is the Thongsheng TSDZ2 250W 36V Mid Drive Conversion Kit which is discussed here: The project is far...

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              Originally posted by Eastcreek View Post
              1 cog,
              (I don't understand "bbsxx"). So the "black ops" BB you have mentioned is at Amazon will work?
              BBsxx = Bafang mid drive. I was thinking that was what you were installing instead of cyclone.

              The black ops adapter should work. It lets you install standard three piece crank used on most bikes. It depends on the space between motor and the bottom bracket spindle on the cyclone.

              You may need an "eccentric adapter" like the one in the post above. There are a lot of eccentric adapters available online, but I couldn't find any for 2" bottom bracket shell.


                I don't understand why Luna doesn't offer bushings to make the "Standard Square Tapered" adapter I have arriving soon fit without mounting it off-center. I guess most people don't work with 10 year old bicycle's, right? "May need"? Why can't sellers of products for bicycles provide EXACT and ALL specifications for every part they sell? Any other machined part I buy has that information available.


                  Most people don't install them on older Roadmasters, Murry's and huffy's because of the 2" bb shell.

                  Edit: Most newer models of these bikes have the correct smaller bottom bracket shell, but not huffy cruisers.

                  Did you read the description at the bottom of the cyclone page on Lunas site?
                  The cyclone is difficult to install and we do not offer install advice. This kit is for experienced builders only who know what they are getting into. This kit comes with no install instructions.

                  This kit is probably not for you.
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                    1 cog. You seemed to have missed the questions.

                    Is it to much to ask for the manufactures of metal parts to include EXACT specifications of what they are trying to sell?

                    By the way. I consider myself an "experienced" mechanic. Are you asserting what I am attempting is too difficult for me?

                    Now I have another question. Why would/should anyone be discouraged in installing the cyclone on a Roadmaster, Murry or Huffy?

                    Please address each question in your reply. Otherwise, how could we possibly learn from each other if we avoid answering any questions that may come up from time to time?


                      1. The EXACT specifications for most things can be found online with a little searching.

                      2. If you have the right tools and you are able to fabricate metal parts you should perfectly able to install this kit.

                      3. These kits are not made to go into a two inch BB shell. They are made for the smaller English/BSA shell.

                      The adapter I recommended would allow you two install it in a two inch BB shell, If,there is enough space between the motor and the BB that comes installed on the kit.

                      I wanted to install a Bafang BBS02 mid drive on an Electra with a two inch BB shell. The BBS02 has 13mm space between the motor and BB, the Black OPs and other similar adapters are 10mm wide between the center hole and outside edge, so it should work. I never tried it because I had a rear hub motor that I installed first and found out the Electra made my back hurt after long rides.

                      As long as the distance between motor case and BB is more than 10mm it should work. From the picture of the cyclone kit it looks like a couple of inches, so no problem.

                      Good luck with your build.