I had a 36v-72v 3000watt geared cyclone motor rated at 40amps in the past and i was operating it on a 48v 30amp battery pack with a 45A built in BMS and on a average it use to pull around 15-20amps on a flat terrain on full throttle and with the 40amp controller it never past 40amp the most i see it went to was around 35-37amps when climbing very steep hills.

So if i decide to buy the 36-72v 6000watt 80amp rated one and operate it using my 48v 30amp battery with built in 40amp max BMS would my 40amp controller that i have limit the max draw to around 35-40amp and also would i be drawing roughly the same 15-20 amp on a flat terrain at full throttle?

Also would i expect to get the same performance or better than when i was using the smaller 48v 3000watt motor?
Here are the links for both motor:
https://www.cyclone-tw.com/product/31/data/11 (3K model)

https://www.cyclone-tw.com/product/29/data/15 (6K model)