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    Is this what it sounds like?


      I bought the KHS 5000 from Luna Cycles turned out to be a LEMON mini cyclone overheated. @24 mph and only went 1 mile before both chains fell bueno $4000 LEMON


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        Were they able help you out with this?

      Somewhere on the Interwebs I read that Luna has a fix for the noisy Mini Cyclones; something that they'd share via PM but not fit for public consumption. Does anybody know what this solution is and/or the location of the discussion I'm referring to?

      In other news my Mini is working pretty good; lots of top end but no grunt torque. (using Kelly controller) Runs pretty hot when loaded down. Noisy but I suspect more of a perception issue than a dB matter as compared to the 3000; I'd like to do a side-by-side using a meter. Higher pitched than the 3000; the "screamer" description fits.


        I'm not worried about the noise. It is what it is and frankly its not that bad. You just have to accept that you are not riding any kind of a stealthy build ... and own it when you're out in the world. I have the 60a mini Kelly controller that comes with the Deluxe kit. Watt meter shows I peak at 3200.00 watts ... an even number like that can't be an accident. Peak amps are 62.xx.

        Biggest deal with these is understanding how they can overheat and how you can get them to NOT do that:
        1. If you think you are going to climb on and mash the throttle you are going to be pedaling a bicycle a lot vs. riding an ebike. Push that throttle only as much as you need to get a result, while at the same time manage your gears to keep the rpms high. Live with the speed you get out of doing those two things.
        2. Install heat sinks. Originally, when the motor overheated the casing on the non-drive side was 160 degrees. I could point a laser thermometer at it and guess when I was going to fry the thing. I encircled the motor with 8mm x 30mm x 8mm heat sinks (they fit perfectly), and then put an 85mm round heat sink on the end cap (there's not much room to clear the cranks). At this point, when the motor overheats it takes a LOT longer to happen and the outside temp is 110 degrees. So I have done as much as I can with heat sinks ... and they work very well.
        Click image for larger version  Name:	s-l500.jpg Views:	1 Size:	46.6 KB ID:	51272

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        Lastly: Remember the spacers you remove from the mount brackets that are shipping-only? I was getting flex so I made replacements since the originals no longer fit after my install. Used two 95mm M6 bolts. then on each used a wide washer and a nylock nut on the inside to press against the other mounting bracket from the inside, capped on the outside by another washer and another nylock to clamp to the outside. No more bracket flex.