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Cyclone phase/hall effect wiring issue...stutter at max throttle on bench

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    Cyclone phase/hall effect wiring issue...stutter at max throttle on bench

    I'm finishing up my Cyclone 3kw build and I'm having some trouble getting the hall effect and phase wire connections correct between the stock 40A controller and the motor. I rewired the controller using round multipin connectors, and although I was trying to be careful to maintain the original color codes, I may have messed it up.

    So, I decided to try all 36 combinations of phase and hall effect combos and recorded the results in the spreadsheet that is floating around on ES. Out of all of the combos, I find three that run the motor in the correct direction with a smooth throttle response. However, at max throttle, all of these three exhibit a stutter, or skip. Once the motor is at max speed, it seems Ok, but the last 90% of the ramp makes the motor skip or stutter.

    Two of the reverse direction combinations were completely smooth throughout the entire throttle range(I colored these yellow in the attached pic). Unfortunately, the motor direction was reversed. I am waiting for a current meter that I ordered, so I will test again when I get it in, and record unusually high no-load currents. Hopefully I can eliminate some of the high current combinations. If I could get the forward direction as smooth as the reverse I would be thrilled.

    I am using the mode 3 speed setting. Perhaps the higher RPM is an issue when testing the motor unloaded?

    Any ideas or guidance?

    Thanks in advance,


    I have the exact same issue. After rewiring all cables the motor runs reversed. Maybe the colors of the cables was wrong from factory and I didn't notice that. Two of the other cables was mixed from factory...
    I'm not aware of 3 different speed settings so I can not tell which one I use.

    I would also appreciate some tips or guidance.




      I have had some time on the bike, first using mode 2. This mode worked unloaded with no stutter on the bench. Recently I switched the controller into mode 3 which stutters unloaded at max throttle. I can report that the motor does not stutter when powering the bike probably because the rpm is lower under load. My theory is that the cyclone motor timing is slighty retarded due to the position of the hall effect sensors in the forward direction. If your mode 2 runs smoothly on the bench and the controller is not drawing high current unloaded, you can assume your hall effect wiring is ok, and mode 3 will work fine in real use.


        Thanx for your reply!

        First, how can I switch between different modes?

        Secondly, what's Hall effect and do I have to relate to it?