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Cyclone throttle is not very smooth on initial power delivery

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    Cyclone throttle is not very smooth on initial power delivery

    I just got my Cyclone build put together in a temporary trial setup while i optimize things like adding mud guards and moving the controller and batteries to better positions. I wanted to know if anyone has had better experiences with the other throttles sold on luna? I have the stock twist throttle and initial power delivery is really abrupt and harsh. Feels like i'm going to pop a wheelie and break my drive train if im not careful. Does the thumb throttle have better power delivery? Is there a way to tune this down? I'm running a 15S15P homemade 18650 battery charged to a max voltage of 61 V. This thing is a real monster, so much torque off the line its impossible not to smile at every time you start off from a stop.

    Did you ever get your issue worked out?

    I'm having a similar experience with my Cyclone. There is an extremely small sweet spot where the throttle will gradually increase the torque. Anything under that barely seems to give any power at all and anything above that will give an extremely jerky start. Also, it seems when I slightly overturn the throttle (especially to go up hills and things) it just kills the bike entirely. I can unhook the battery from the Cyclone, plug it back in, and everything will work again albeit with the same problems. Also, I'm dumb and don't know how to program my controller different from factory settings. Would that help?

    60V 24ah Battery
    Cyclone 3000
    40amp 48-72V Controller
    Full grip Twist Throttle


      The stock cyclone controller is not programmable. If you are using another controller you may need to program it. If it's a stock controller you may have a bad throttle. I'd replace that first as it's the least expensive place to start. Make sure your wiring is all correct. Otherwise you might have a bad controller.


        Dang, I should have read this thread before my latest response in a thread I started. Since I'm having the same problems as PictureDave and Dewyboy, I'm just going to assume the throttle that Luna ships with the kit is CRAP! (thanks again Luna!!!!!)


          So somebody on one of the other forums (electric-sphere) told me the fix:
          That's a common problem with many throttles. In some cases, there are programmable settings in the controller for throttle start and max settings. Not sure if your controller has that feature.

          The old fashioned way to fix that problem is to place a resistor in series with the throttle ground wire. This raises the signal voltage. The trick is getting the right resistor. I like to use little 10 turn trimmer pots to make it adjustable. Other wise use alligator clips to any pot and dial it in, then remove the clips and measure the resistance of the pot, then find a fixed resistor that's close.

          Typical values will be 100-200 ohms. When testing be sure to lift the wheel or otherwise be ready for the motor to start running.

          To dial it in, start at zero ohms and slowly increase until the motor just barely starts to run, then back off a little.

          Not only does this get rid of the annoying dead band, but makes the low end throttle response much more gradual.


            My experience with the stock Luna / Cyclone kit controller is the same - really snatchy and jerky with a wide dead zone at the start of the throttle range.
            I'm running my cyclone on a flat bar road bike with a Nexus 3 speed IGH. Love the bike but it's difficult to take off at a decent pace without fearing I'll be standing on the rear wheel and destroying my drivetrain.

            I'll follow that advice, Mammonista, thanks for sharing.


              Perhaps this is obvious, but...

              The Cyclone Bluetooth controller--which is, after all also a "stock" option of sorts--gives you lots of settings, including ways to adjust this.

              I like the practical suggestion of going through the trouble of adding the resistor. That shouldn't take too long, and will be cheaper than a new controller, for sure!

              Anyways, good luck with your projects!

              Take care,



                It’s been a while since I posted about this. I realized later on that the Bluetooth module on my controller does in fact have features to change a lot of the settings if you use the mobile app. Still a slight jolt after a couple seconds but I finally got it to a tolerable starting throttle. If I ease into the throttle on take off, there is virtually no jolt anymore.

                Now if I could stop my ISIS bottom bracket from loosening and improve the chain tensioner I’d be gold!


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                  I too have the bluetooth module on my controller but have so far tried all sorts of settings but have still not succeeded in getting anything like a tolerable starting throttle. Could you perhaps share the settiings you have found best (just the ones you have changed from defaults would be great. Aprt from the Fast Start/Soft Start adjustments, have you change the battery and phase amps? I cant make any sense of the Adjust Throttle Curve option-it just appears to be an on/off option but no idea what it does.

                If we could just stop ISIS all together... ahh never mind.
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                  I found if you turn off slow start and enable the alternate power curve setting (using the bluetooth app) that the throttle is a lot less jerky and ramps up much more smoothly


                    have been trying to set up my controller as per the above , but on mine I can't find one labelled Alternative power curve .Or is that actually the one labelled "Adjust throttle curve?". That is only an Off/on setting , so how do you adjust it ? --All a bit much for my 75 year old brain !!!-I need something simple and easy !!!!