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horizontal axle play in cyclone

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  • horizontal axle play in cyclone

    hi! i've got a cyclone mounted to deliver power to the rear axle of a pedicab and the axle of the cyclone has developed some play so that when i mount a new bmx freewheel/adapter to the axle, the axle will back into the motor body and i can't get the set screw on the adapter to make contact with the axle, and so the whole freewheel/adapter assembly starts to back off slowly when i run the motor. is the axle play normal? how can i fix it? does lunacycle provide schematics to those who ask?

    in image 2737 you can see the 1-1.5mm gap between the freewheel/adapter and the body of the motor--it's usually supposed to be flush for the set screw to make contact.

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    2mm more isn't going to make enough difference. something else is going on, imo?

    Why is that part tack welded to the freewheel adapter? looks very different from the item shown on Luna product page -

    do you have the old FW adapter that you can photograph? or better yet, pic of old adapter on the motor shaft?

    here's similar situation you may find helpful -
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      Actually, Luna sent me a 13T freewheel for my mini Cyclone kit within the last few days and it looks pretty much exactly like that one in the picture including the tack weld. I don't think he has been messing with the freewheel.


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        In the world of Cyclone parts it seems product photos don't mean much.

        What I learned from some discussion posts is that the motor itself may have different length shafts and hence incompatibility with some of freewheel adapters?