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  • tklop
    commented on 's reply
    I've managed to free up that foot-space, and I even raised the roof up just a little higher still.

    I had my ex and my daughter climb in, and I drove them around the neighborhood...

    So, yeah--it's definitely roomy enough now for my daughters--they'll fit for years to come...

    And after driving my ex around too, it's clear I can give another adult a ride now too--if I should ever want to (or need to). That's nice.

    Though pretty much at the upper-limit, with my hair just touching the top of the tent, and my knees just touching the padding on the "dashboard", even my own six-foot-two frame can now sit comfortably in the box.

    I love this machine.

    Others love this machine too. I get a great deal of positive feedback.

  • calfee20
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    I was wondering because the post made no sense.

  • tklop
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    That up there ^^ That's not my comment.

    Yet I am unable to edit or delete it.

    I'm afraid our beloved forum has been Ukraine'd.

    [EDIT] Problem Solved!

    The comment that wasn't mine has been removed by admin--and the comment I actually had tried to post has finally been restored!

    Thanks, Admin!

    So--yeah--just adding this message to the comments, so the comments won't be confusing to future readers.
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  • tklop
    My kids are growing, and I'd like to get them to fit in the bakfiets a little longer. So I've done a couple mods.

    I've raised the roof in the front by 2 1/2 inches, and in the rear by about 7 3/4 inches,

    I have also partially redone the seating, now a forward-facing more-or-less "adult-size" seat, instead of the narrow kid-bench.

    I've also moved the speakers to the front-end of the box, to facilitate the other changes.

    I'm not done completely yet. I wish to free-up foot-space in the front of the bakfiets, by moving the stereo and speakers upward.

    As with every other thing I've done since the beginning--this is purely experimental, and is bound to develop.

    There will be more to follow.
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  • tklop
    commented on 's reply
    A little more time elapsed, and still very happy with the puch moped buddy-seat.

    Very happy indeed.

    I had a nice seat. I've had very nice seats--much more expensive very nice seats...

    And this one is seriously incomparably much more comfortable for all rides--longer or shorter--no contest.

    So further detailed feedback seems in order: The foam is nice and deep, but squishes down after riding for a half-hour or so, and it sort-of forms a "rut" under your butt, if you don't shift positions once in a while (or take a break).

    I don't consider this a deal-breaker--since the whole point of the seat, is the ability to shift positions anyway.

    I recommend this item as a comfort-mod. Wish i'd found it years ago! If considering it though--be smarter about it than I was, and pre-measure. But also be bolstered by my experience--and don't be afraid to modify if you're "in the neighborhood".
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  • tklop
    commented on 's reply
    Brake-lights done...

    One on the rack behind me (below the new seat), and one behind each fender.

    That tiny little $5 relay functions perfectly off the controller-voltage--shuts down all three motors, and lights up my brake-lights--just exactly as in the demo-vid.

    Brake-lights are nice.

  • tklop
    Another idea--which I probably won't do, but wish to keep in mind...

    LiFePO4 High-Discharge Pouch-Cells are awesome for powering a bakfiets. Flat, rectangular--they're easy to pack into a suitcase-battery like I have.

    Though I'd be hesitant to do so with other battery chemistry types, I'm considering a sort-of "floor-battery" idea:

    Simple idea: Lay the flat, rectangular cells out on the bakfiets plywood floor (or a footprint-facsimile thereof), arranging them in a series-geometry. If a 16s battery is desired, an appropriate size cell can be selected to take advantage of as much of that floor space as possible; while smaller-dimension cells could be used if one desired a 20p or a 24p battery. Once that single-layer is figured out, and the cell-order established, adding "parallel groups" simply involves stacking another layer of cells atop the last.

    The first advantage is obviously the lowest-possible center-of-gravity for the machine. The battery's mass being centered--and very low--would add badly needed stability to the machine.

    Next, the number of desired parallels is simply a matter of stacking additional layers of cells.

    I could arrange the cells I'm currently using inside the suitcase-battery, but I could increase to 18p--while significantly lowering the center-of-gravity, and while restoring all the cargo-space that suitcase battery now consumes.

    The idea, would be to use periodic supports between cells, and then sandwich them (weatherproof/waterproof) beneath another plywood-floor.

    So, yes, the floor would be raised--but then everything above it would simply be open. Not just a lot more stable--room for a lot more stuff.

    I'll need to look into things more deeply, to see if any more protection beyond what the BMS would offer is indicated... But this may be one of my next evolutionary steps...

    Again--I'd attempt to keep the floor-battery just as modular as everything else in my design. I think that'd be completely doable.

    Anyways--that's for further down the road, when I've my own shop--or at least some room to work in.

    But I didn't want to forget the concept--so as usual, I'm using my project-thread as a note-pad!

    More to follow...

    Maybe today I finally get the brake-lights going--with my handy-dandy-little relay-circuit thingy.

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  • tklop
    More lights... Effin' christmas tree...

    Lighting has been an evolutionary process (gone into earlier in this thread).

    I've got two lighting-systems basically--one 12v, one 5v (USB-power-supply type voltage).

    The 12v system does the headlights, fog-lights, and turn-signals, while my marker-lights are powered off the USB voltage.

    The 12v system also powers some USB-transformers--and I've used one of those to power the 5v lighting.

    One reason for two systems, was that USB-power is a pretty good equivalent to what I'd gotten from my wheel-hub dynamos--and so it works just fine for bike-equipment (like my LED bike-fender taillights). Additionally, USB outlets let me have fun with self-adhesive USB "Strip-Lights" (about 99 cents a piece), which are fantastic for use as marker-lights (and to make a groovy green glow underneath--other silliness)... Yes--some of it's pure ridiculous--and it cannot be reasonably argued that I haven't already got more lighting than I need--but just like anything else, the lighting is also subject to fine-tuning.

    So I persist...

    Because of the bakfiets' dimensions (as I previously mentioned), electronic turn-signals are actually highly effective--because they've got enough lateral separation.

    To this point, I had yellow indicators on the front of the box (they're two-sided mini lollipop lights--so they're also visible from their rearward-facing sides).

    Though the bike-fender lights were okay, I thought I'd try to get something 12v. So I'd bought some inexpensive LED two-brightness taillights, which I'd intended to use on the fenders--as taillights and turn-signals.

    But those lights weren't actually meant to be used that way--just as brake-lights/taillights. So they only had a resistor for one (+) leg--meaning that when I tried to use them for turn-signals, they'd backfeed (dimly) through front turn-signal on the opposite side. That was obviously not gonna fly...

    So--I just decided to use the Bright leg of each of those taillamps, and use it for a turn-signal, and just leave the original (bicycle-equipment) taillights in-place...

    But then--a page or two ago--I went and brainstormed that super-simple $5 brake-light-relay circuit... And lame as it is--I've not made use of it yet!

    And that meant I did want to use those new taillights--as taillights and brake-lights (and add a third taillight/brakelight to the rear-rack behind me).

    Meanwhile, I'd noticed how effective it was having that extra turn-indicator on the rear-side of the box--because it is directly visible to drivers next to me...

    So I decided to add another pair of yellow indicators to the rear of the fenders.

    When I've got all the 12v lights up and running, I'll evaluate them in comparison to the brightness of the original taillights (the bicycle equip lights).

    The bike-lights have built-in reflectors--while the other taillights do not. This is one good reason to leave them in-place...

    In any case, if those bike-lights are comparably bright to the Brake Lights' brightness, then I need to make sure I'm not confusing those behind me. Might remove them in that case--just replace them with my "motorbike" brake-light/taillights... Or maybe as another option, I can leave them in their place--just leave them switched off--maybe just reserve them for use as rear fog-lamps.

    The turn-signals are installed and operational, but I need more crimp terminals--so the about-to-be-un-re-purposed brake-lights and tail-lights still have to wait for now--but the bicycle-type ones are still fine as taillights for the time being.

    There will inevitably be more to follow...
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  • tklop
    commented on 's reply
    Thanks! :-)

    I seriously love this machine.

    It is possible that at some point I'll run out of ways to improve upon it...

    But not yet!

    Are we inventors ever really done anyway?
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  • DaHose
    Rollin with 4 passengers, and no issue? Bakfiets is a BEAST!

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  • tklop
    commented on 's reply
    I've taken a few long-ish rides with the new seat, and it is turning out to be quite comfortable. I am enjoying the ability to shift, scoot, and change positions on it.

    Today, I had my first "Full-Family Test"...

    My oldest was doing her "Finals" today--for her swimming-lessons, and I wanted to be there to see her graduate--and get her Level 2 swimming-diploma.

    Without spoke-skirt-guards the "buddy-seat" rear-position is at this time still too dangerous for kid-feet. So, I put both kids in the box, and (coerced) my ex to ride on the back--on my new moped buddy-seat.

    Yep... That's right--a Babboe Big Bakfiets--as a four-person vehicle! I'm pretty sure I wouldn't even use up the fingers on one hand--counting up how many of us have projects which can carry ourselves--plus three additional passengers. I think that's pretty cool.

    The short trip to the pool went okay, but it's apparent the rear seating-position needs foot pegs for comfort. I'm going to order some--along with some spoke-guards (to protect kid-feet).

    Now--I know, sure... Adult rear-passengers ought to be able to keep their feet on the foot-pegs, and out of the spokes. Both my kids do both still fit in the box.

    But listen--this vehicle provides me a unique chance: If I opt for the spoke-guards, I can leave one kid in the box in front of me--and have the option to plop the other one on the seat behind me. Bored kids on long rides often wind up relentlessly arguing with one another--as we all know... But one in front and one behind me? You can't even get that kind of sibling-separation in a passenger-van. They won't even be able to look at each other anymore!

    It still feels weird to say it, but it's true:

    My bakfiets is my favorite car!
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  • tklop

    New seat:

    Thing is, if I want to change seating positions, a bike-seat just isn't very flexible.

    This helps improve comfort in that regard big-time:

    Plus it's got room for another adult to perch behind me, if needed.

    A brand-new, all-weather, ready-made, decent height, cushy-comfy two-person seat... And the price isn't bad. I figured what the heck?

    It's a moped-seat (in case that's not obvious). The front-end is fitted with a seat-post, meant to fit into the moped's frame, where its original bike-seat's saddle-pin went; while the rear-end of the "buddy-seat" mounts to the top of the bike-rack. Basically not terribly unlike a banana-seat in terms of installation...

    I saw an obvious opportunity--since the rear-frame of my bakfiets' geometry (along with tons of other bikes) is essentially identical.

    Seemed a ready-made solution!

    Turns out I should've measured beforehand...

    The saddle-pin portion was just a bit too big. It was darn close--but then with a layer of powder-coating that put it over the top. There was just no way the moped-seatpost was fitting into my frame as-is.

    But that's okay--we're all inventors here--we adapt; we overcome.

    I split the first couple inches of that saddle-pin lengthwise with a hack-saw, then drilled out round relief-holes at the base of each cut. Finally, I took a smooth file and not-so-patiently removed all the powder-coating from the lower-end of the saddle-pin.

    Next, I took a black permanent marker, and colored over the ugly white PUCH logo. My bakfiets is not a PUCH.

    Then, with a little white-grease, I was able to wrestle the sucker into place.

    So far, so good.

    It's wider at the front-end than a normal bike-seat, but my pedals are also extra-widely spaced with the 4KW Cyclone, so it's not awkward.

    I took a fairly short ride this evening to get a feel for the seat.

    Shifting rearward allows me a few different seating-angle and posture options. I expect this will improve comfort on longer rides significantly.

    If I want to, I can even slide all the way to the back of the seat, but putting any weight on the bakfiets handlebars causes unpleasant handling--so that's perhaps not the best idea.

    So far, it sits nicely--compared to the original bike-seat. Though without springs, its cushioning is deeper. I remain hopeful its shock-absorption properties will save me some lower-back pain too.

    I've gotta arrange new saddlebags though--the old ones don't fit anymore...

    The work is never done... Thank goodness!

    Here's a pic:

    Click image for larger version  Name:	IMAG0124.jpg Views:	0 Size:	1.89 MB ID:	109972‚Äč
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  • tklop
    commented on 's reply
    I love how your imagination is taking off with this idea too! Proves its value.

    I wish to hell I was in position to do some development... Or to help you develop it--anybody!

    Seems like such a cool idea...

    I hope seriously somebody can do something with it--even if the tech ain't quite there yet, it may one day be.
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  • DaHose
    I disagree on Google. It can be quite good for getting you to scholarly articles, but then you have to pay to view the whole thing, like the links below. Once you find a good scholarly article, you end up going down a rabbit hole of databases too.

    If Calfee20 is on the money (rhymes people ..... rhymes), then you just need to calculate how much load you want to lift, divide by 1.285kg, and multiply that by cubic meters. Figure a fairly typical person weighing 80Kg(80/1.285)would need a craft containing 62.25 cubic meters of aerogel filled space to create enough lift. The Goodyear blimp measures 5740 cubic meters of volume, so figure a theoretical craft that size could lift 4,466 kilos (5740/1.285). Seems like if you keep your propulsion, avionics, and safety systems weight down, you could get a way with a blimp type craft the size of a large twin plane engine. I'm thinking something more teardrop shaped would be best, for better aerodynamics. I do end up coming across articles talking about graphene aerogel, so looks like folks are trying to make it sturdy already. Hmmmmm......

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  • tklop
    Originally posted by DaHose View Post
    Did I miss seeing the specific value? You said it's confirmed that vacuum lightens things up, but I didn't see a hard number. I searched for a physical constant related to vacuum and weight reduction of an object, but I can't find an exact number.

    If you keep looking, you can find data. Google isn't a good source for any information that won't sell widgets for Google's advertisers--so if you're into science questions, it's a terribly place to go. Tons of blatantly wrong answers to lots of things.

    When it comes right down to it, a "full-vacuum" is impossible--and doesn't exist in our universe anywhere--not even in deep space. The closest available would be at CERN. You're never getting all the molecules out of a space.

    And it doesn't matter--because that's not the baseline. There is no "full-vacuum" involved. Cannot be--or there's no controllability.

    The baseline is how much weight-reduction you can reasonably be expected to obtain, for any given volume and pressure.

    The only way that can be determined , is by testing with aerogel. It must be determined how compressible it is or isn't (which determines how much air can be drawn from it), and this in turn determines how much weight-reduction is possible, per unit volume, per pressure-reduction. And I already said that too. Garment bag--weighed. Aerogel volume--weighed. Dyson vacuum applied for about 1/2 hour--re-weighed. Baseline.

    But that's the problem. No Aerogel? No baseline. Dead-end for the idea--until it enters the brain of somebody with access to Aerogel. But I want it to enter about seventeen thousand different people's brains--who've got access to Aerogel--so they can compete like hell to see who gets one built first!

    Too late for any assholes to try to pounce, and patent--it's a public idea. Open-source. If anybody deserves credit, it'll be Edgar Rice Burroughs... Just don't name the first one Tarzan--please.
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