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3K Cyclone motor, dismantle and bearing renewal

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    3K Cyclone motor, dismantle and bearing renewal

    I've finally got round to dismantling my Cyclone motor to investigate the state of the outer bearing, as it seemed noisy and I suspected it needed replacing.

    After dismantling the motor as much as I could, I got to the point where I needed a 2 leg gear puller to pull the drive gear off the end of the shaft. It had a small circlip holding it on, but after removing the clip, the gear was so hard to pull off that the C clip probably wasnt necessary.

    I managed to split the motor with a bit of prising and some gentle tapping of the shaft with a hammer.

    Next job is to get the bearings out of the casings.

    The smaller bearing is the one that was suspect and now it's off, I can confirm that it is noisy and rough.
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    I have been in this exact same situation (but with a hub motor). I bought a few bearing pullers, and they worked great. Replacement bearings are easy to find on the internet. There will be a part number on the seal of the bearing. Google that and you find the size and type.

    I also bought a hydraulic press to install the bearings.


      Thanks for that. I've ordered replacements for both. Might as well, seeing as it's apart.
      I ordered SKF bearings as they should last a lifetime.


        Thank you both for sharing this