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Triple Crankset / Spacers [cyclone3000] ?

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    Triple Crankset / Spacers [cyclone3000] ?

    What spacers do you use between the 2nd and 3rd chainwheel?

    My MTB crank spider is about 3mm between the smallest and middle chain-ring. So I found 10mm ID split-ring lock-washers that are 3.3-3.5mm thick had to be bent them back to flat to bolt them down with round head 5mm x .80pitch threads 25mm long. I had to use two nylon spacers untill I can get to the store again for one more washer. But that left the sprockets a half milimeter [4.5mm] closer to the middle chainwheel.

    I am not sure exactly what the spacing should be between the sprockets on each of the two smaller chainwheels.

    The space between the outer chainwheel [motor sprocket driven] and the middle does not need a spacer if using luna's heavy duty chainwheels. But do not loose the spacers that came with the original crankset.

    I think I could use regular chainring bolts if I can get them in 16mm, then the 5mm bolts would not be needed. But the chainring bolts may interfier with the chain on the 32t chainwheel.

    The image on luna's website showing a tripple crank, shows the round heads on the wrong side. The lock-nuts will not fit under the crank arm. But they do-not rub against anything on the bike side. I am amazed that all this stuff fits in such a small space.

    I also do not know which side of these chainwheels should be facing in-towards the bike. ???

    I may need to turn them around to get them to shift right.