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    Need more speed!

    This is my project in the photos I can only get up to 30mph which is dissapointing, I'm using a 9 speed 2012 giant trance x3 medium size and I'm using the standard cyclone 3kwatt kit (no upgrades). with a 52v 17.5ah battery.. I heard about the 3 speed switch but I don't want to buy it is there a way I can hardwire it and if so which wires am I jumping etc.. Or if anyone had any other ideas that would be great...

    The most effective way to increase top speed would be to substitute a 72V controller and 72V battery into your system. I have a 72V system, and I can get up to 45mph.
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      Here's a link to Luna's cyclone wiring diagram, with the low-medium-high switch on the left:

      Luna's knowledge base article is here:

      Here's a functioning, 50MPH bike - 72V as CE noted above:

      Wind resistance one of many enemies when trying to go that fast.
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        Thanks for the input I'm trying to get the most out of my little 52v battery through gearing and the controller, all the 72v battery packs I've seen don't fit well in between my triangle and the ones that do look bulky, heavy, and not so sturdy if I was goign to do a 72v I would have to make my own custom case that fits perfectly in between my triangle of which might be my project for next year...i will keep you posted with any solutions and speed increases I incour over the next week or so.