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Cyclone 3000w and Kelly KLS-7212S Parmeters needed

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    Cyclone 3000w and Kelly KLS-7212S Parmeters needed

    Hello Everybody,
    I am working right now on my downhill Cyclone conversion and have fully assembled to work everyting
    My problem at the moment is that I do not find a parameter set of the Cyclone Motor to correctly setup the motor in
    the Kelly Controller.
    If anybody has a similar combination, I would appreciate to share his/her Kelly Parameters for the cyclone 3000.
    At the moment it sometimes starts to move properly if applied throttle too quickly so it is shuting down or throws Pedel error or Reset error in the app
    Thanks to anybody helping me out

    Hi CycloneRace, I am about half way thru installing a Kelly KLS-7218s on my Norco atomic (08) which already has a cyclone 3000w motor . Im having dramas with getting the programming right to be able to do the Angle identity procedure. Apparently if your using the PC based software outside of China you are going to have issues with operating system incompatibilities (pc - speed cont. link issues among other possible programming ones). I was wondering if by now you had any luck with ur build and if you had any issues did you discover any solution? When you posted this thread you had at least got it to run, i cant seem to even get to that point. Anyways all the best with urs at what ever stage its at... ill post some pics when its done.