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Cyclone build thoughts - Give me some feedback folks!

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    Hey tklop,

    I have done scratch build parts and modifications to motorcycles, cars, boats, RV's, houses, paintball markers, and complex electronic gizmos. I am definitely no stranger to the magical mysteries of complicated custom built of "stuff", and the improvisations necessary to make them work. I have also found it's best to get a second opinion on anything that seems sketchy, so I really appreciate the feedback. It's great to hear that the wobble isn't unusual or a major problem to worry about.

    I suppose with a fair amount of tweaking I could have made the longer idler wheel mount work, but trimming it down really made it all fit better. As you point out, custom stuff ALWAYS needs to be tweaked as you go.

    The swingarm mounted idler wheel gives real peace of mind for chainline issues. Chain slop seems to be the bane of 1X drive trains, and my new derailleur has a clutch to deal with it, but I don't think I'll need to enable it with the idler there. I do wish I could have found a thumb lever shifter, but nobody seems to make a left side version for a the rear, 9-speed derailleur.

    Now I need to build up the battery and start testing the electrics.



      I am still working on many pieces, but I'm super excited about the first running of my project.

      I am powering it with a DC power booster that I intend to use for charging. Right now its running off a 20V, 4A laptop charger. I get 60V out to the controller, but at about 1.7A, the laptop power supply overloads and cuts out. I will need to get a more powerful power supply, but the voltage and amperage of the converter are totally adjustable, and quite stable. It seems like a really nice solution for those of us building up battery packs that have slightly different numbers of cells/voltages than what is tyipically used on e-bikes.
      Click image for larger version

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      Annnnndddddd............ Here is a VERY sloppy video of how that first run went. I will document everything much better in my custom build thread.


        For anyone checking out this thread, here is the full custom build thread. I will continue my comments in that section, as my build questions seems to have come to an end. Now it's on to the battery, and (hopefully) living with my build long term.

        Thanks for reading, and commenting everyone.



          As a quick update to this thread, here is a pic. of my completed Cyclone project. My build thread will continue to get updates as I live with my bike.

          Click image for larger version

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