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    Dale it is sweet
    it is scheduled to go on a 50 mile run tomorrow
    Thankx everyone for the likes


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      Final report
      I finally was able to get to go out and do a Battery check on this trike
      As I suspected the Big Luna Battery comes through again
      even with the 20 inch rear wheel I was able to go 48.5 miles with out peddling
      and that is all I wanted to ride that day, I had seen enough to clear this thing
      for sale, I know on paper the numbers worked out
      but I am the kind of tech that I want to see it personally work in real world conditions.
      Part of my guarantee to my clients that I sell conversions to is
      If it does not do what I say it will
      I will buy it back with in 30 days.
      So before I go shooting off my big mouth I make dam sure that
      the power system will bring it on HARD
      when I left I had 58.7 v when I got back I had 51.2 v Battery to spare
      I wicked it up one time and saw 27.5 mph on the CA and it still had a little more,
      that was enough for me I was supervised that it would do that with the 20 inch rim
      note the 20 inch rim fed 50 amps and 2600 watts is a rocket out of the shoot
      If you need to cross a intersection or get out of the way it hammers that.
      This will be my last post Hope you enjoyed the ride
      It is time for me to change hats and move into the next faze of my little venture
      Doing the marketing Goal for the next 12 months is to sell and install 10 of the big batteries
      I would really like to thank Gary Evil Kaneevle and Joel in customer service for all their great help
      These are the max go to guys

      Best wishes to all GW see ya on the other side
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        Hate to see you go Bill, have enjoyed your research and project documentation. Keep in touch, call me when you can and good luck in the next phase of your adventure!!!