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Edge 1500 on an Electra Fat

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    Originally posted by calfee20 View Post

    I would like to hear more about your bike. I have been wanting to combine a BBSHD and a hub motor on the same bike but not with the hub motor on the front wheel. Can you get them to work together?
    I did a writeup here on it.

    Feel free to ask me anything although you may want to do it over there to keep your own thread from suffering from too much cross pollination. No worries either way.

    Interesting you bring up a BBSHD + hub where both are on the back wheel. For me, the hub+BBSHD has been so successful I have been toying with the idea of a 3-motor bike using two small motors as helpers to totally eliminate the mid drive's shock to the drivetrain - the front works very well as that. And I think my experience so far with a commuter/cargo AWD both as dual hubs and hub+mid drive have both been very successful albeit for different reasons. I would not want to do without front motor power.

    What I've been thinking of is Bafang mini hub motors front and rear, which would let me use small KT 20a HIGO controllers which in turn would let me split off PAS easily since I have already successfully done this. A nice hot rod BBSHD rounds out the package and ensures the bike can go anywhere... without killing the parts on itself.

    But I am concerned with putting a hub motor on the back because I am worried that the mid drive will put so much torque on the freewheel or cassette that it will tear the motor apart.


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      Thanks! You know I missed this and I don't usually miss much on this forum.

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      I just now edited it in one spot and posted up an update.

    The sun came out so I was actually able to test some of my upgrades. The PAS is working now with ten levels and 1500 watts max but I have to change some settings to smooth things out. I will have to watch a couple of the appropriate videos from Grin.

    I installed new brakes. I used Avid BB7s with Shimano ICE tech rotors. 203mm in the front and 180mm in the rear.

    Click image for larger version

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    The rear works perfectly but the front shudders and makes the fork hop a bit during hard braking. I will blame this on the Electra flexi front fork. I wonder if I can find a stronger replacement. Maybe something with triple trees.

    I put 20 miles on my ghetto Stans no tube installation and so far everything is fine. I tried the Stans on a 26" X 2.35 Big apple but it doesn't seem to want to hold air so far. I may have to ride it around to get it to seal.


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      Yeah, don't think the front fork was designed with bigger tires, more weight, more power in mind. It's a beach cruiser that was designed for slow laid back cruising.

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      I used to own that wheel!