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Double gear double torque motor pedal assist

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    Double gear double torque motor pedal assist

    I designed and built my recumbent trike about 20 years ago. It has 20" wheels all the way around. As I grew older, I was no longer able to "power" up hills because of knee problems. Then into my life appeared LUNA CYCLES, with its many E-Power choices!

    This is my first E-Powered project and I chose to use Luna’s Double Gear Double Torque front hub motor. However, I did not use it as a hub motor. I used it as a mid-drive (sort of) motor. The motor is mounted behind my seat. I machined an adaptor that attached to the disc brake holes (in the hub) and I screwed on a 13 tooth gear to the adaptor. The 13 toothed gear is connected, via a chain, to a jack shaft assembly (also mounted behind my seat), through a sprocket mounted on a freewheel, which is mounted on the jackshaft. My pedals are connected to the jack shaft through a sprocket on another freewheel which is mounted on the jackshaft. The three sprocket chain rings (normally attached to my pedals) is bolted to the right side of the jack shaft. A chain connects the three chain rings to the rear sprockets of the rear wheel. Motor power and my pedals can utilize all three chain rings, seven external gears (on the rear wheel) and three internal hub gears. Plus, I have the low gear in the hub motor. By changing the sprockets (which took a while), I was able to overcome the low speed disadvantage of using a 20" drive wheel. With this set up, I and the motor can deliver power to the rear wheel independently of one another, or work together.

    The down side to the way that I E-Powered my trike is that I lost the pedal assist function because the wheel speed sensor is inside the hub motor and the hub motor is not laced to a wheel. So, I need to figure out how to relocate the wheel speed sensor to my rear wheel so I will be able to use the power assist function. I was thinking that there must be two wires, coming from the motor and going to the controller that provide the controller with a wheel speed signal. I just do not know which ones they are.


    Also, the thumb throttle control that came with the motor kit is way too sensitive. It seems to be either full on or full off. I would like a smoother transition from off to full throttle.

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    I don't know how to help you (I have no experience in what you are asking), but I would be curious to see pictures of the rest of your creation. If you feel like it, please post them :).


      I too would love to see more picks of your setup and also the gear ratios as I want to do something similar.


        If you lock the freewheel on the rear wheel, then the motor would rotate with the wheel. The gear ratio would cause speed to be off, but it would be more similar to a normal install, and I'd think it would work the same for PAS.

        Would that do what you want?
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