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Bafang G06 750 watt with 48v 20A battery

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    Bafang G06 750 watt with 48v 20A battery


    I have a Bafang G06 750 watt with a 48v 20 Ah battery and controller with maximum current 20A +-1
    The maximum wattage in EU is 1000 watt (For Ebike 250w, Moped 1000w and Eu moped 3000w)

    The bike is limited to 16A in the bafang settings from the manufactur. I guess they have done this due to the motor is a 750watt (48vx16A = 768 watt)

    My question is if I can change the limited current in the bafang settings from 16A to 20A. But without overheating the engine or destroy it.
    If I change the current limited to 20 A would I also need to do something to the controller (it says 20A max on the picture bellow)
    The speed limit for this bike is 25 km/h. I have a throttle but for 90% of time I use the pedals (never running only the throttle in hills).

    Click image for larger version

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    Click image for larger version

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    Hi, did you get anywhere with this? how did you connect the the controller to your computer?


      On most of the Bafang systems you can buy a programming cable which has a USB on one end for your PC then the 5 pin round green display connector on the other. You disconnect your display then plug in this cable. Once you find the correct drivers for your specific cable you can then connect through the PC app. Many times to find the correct drivers you need to be able to read the model number on the actual chip on the USB end which may require you to cut off the shrink tubing that is covering the circuit board.

      If yours dosn't have a round green connector for the display then you will have to do more research to find out if and how you can connect.


        I don’t know if this already resolved, but to clarify things, your battery is rated at: 48v 20Ah (not A) Ah means ampere-hour. There’s nothing wrong with your setup and your motor will just need 16A to deliver its rated 750W which your battery is capable of providing. . .