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Swapping between Hub Motor and stock wheel

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    Swapping between Hub Motor and stock wheel

    I've been looking at a hub motor kit for my older 26" MTB. I have a road bike, 27.5+ MTB, and an older 26" MTB. I put some hybrid tires on the 26" MTB to ride around with the kids. How hard would it be to swap between a hub motor kit and the standard wheel? I might ride it as an ebike to work and then ride it around with the kids on the weekend.

    Hi mfifield01,
    And welcome to the forum! :-)

    I drive a Magic Pie V5 rear hub and wouldn't consider swapping it around. Not with the chain and derailleur gear alignment set-up. Yikes. But I have a low threshold for switching things and constant re-adjusting. (once set up purfectly...)

    That said, a front fork arrangement might be more acceptable.(Steel metal fork) With a short, quick disconnect custom wiring harness set-up like shown below. And quick disconnect torque arms (easy to install and remove). Depending on the size, and weight of the motor. It's been said that they drive a bit differently, but is easily adapted to.

    Switch the front wheel, and secure the wiring Pop the battery off the cradle, or out of the bag. And away you go!

    Custom made Pie motor harness pigtail... 8-control wires, 2 main battery wire. NOTE: MP5 has an internal controller. If using an external controller you may need 5 or 6 control wires (hall sensor/temp wiring), and 3 high voltage phase wires.

    Look over my build, the link is in my signature to see if I forgot something. :-/

    See my completed Magic Pie V5 rear hub motor E-Bike build HERE.


      I think I'm leaning towards a mid drive, something light and geared. I should be able to take the battery off and pedal it easier than a hub motor.


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        Good luck on your build!