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QS Motor purchase help needed

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    QS Motor purchase help needed

    Some of you may have seen my build here in the past. The "Better Ruffian". I absolutely love my bike, but keep wanting "more" from it. My BBSHD still runs flawlessly, but It has reached its max abilities. The factory controller was fine for 4-5 months. Then the upgrade to the Phaserunner and upping the voltage gave it some "longer legs", and kept me enjoying the bike with minimal downtime for the controller swap. But I am just wanting more.......still. So, I am thinking of finally pulling the trigger on a QS205, or if not crazy more expensive(and do-able) the QS273. I dont think I will need the 273, but if it is close in price, why not, right?
    I dont see any issues on the electrical side of this. But, the mechanical side has me concerned. I have a Basman Frame in Steel from Ruf-Cycles.
    The dropouts are 130mm. My concern is
    A) QS website lists the 205 at 150mm, 273 slightly more. I am sure I can eek out the 20mm difference with a cold set. But what can be done to add some strength to the dropout openings to keep the QS from stripping or damaging that part? Maybe get frame professionally welded to accept swap-able dropout? Should I even be concerned being the frame is steel and not Aluminum?
    B) I prefer to keep the wheels(rim and tires) I have due to looks. Which QS can be laced to a 26" , 36H, 65mm rim?
    C) Any body with experience with QS motors have other recommendations, issues to ponder?
    Lastly, what is the best company to deal with in reference to purchasing QS motors? I LOVE Luna, best customer service I can hope for. But I feel their product line is for entry level/ typical user. They dont seem to offer much on the "High" end for the over the top customers.
    Feel free to offer any insight, concerns, ideas, etc. I do hope to order these parts soon, so I can get the upgrade done during the cold season. Thanks to all, as always

    I don't know about the motor. But quality steel is better in my opinion. When you have aluminum fail you might not have much warning signs, unless you check daily for cracks. When steel fails it will most likely bend.