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RM G020 Some guidance please

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    RM G020 Some guidance please

    Hi guys

    The wheel is a RM G020 250w code 13 I believe. It has a 9 pin plug. I understand this to be a 36v motor. It is laced into a 27.5/650b wheel.

    i need some help. I have done a ton of reading, would just like a few pointers.

    I am not looking for high speeds. Upto 15-20mph is good. My commute is 4 miles each way. Relatively flat. Only one small hill.

    I am thinking of a small bottle battery 8-10ah.

    I have seen a couple of sine wave KT controllers. They are 15,17 and 22amp.

    im thinking the 22amp would be overkill for my needs and the 15amp maybe too small? What do you suggest?

    Secondly I believe these motors are also referred to as SWX02 is that correct? Should I go 36v or 48v?

    any advice appreciated.

    250w at 36v is only 7 amps so that 15amp controller would have plenty of headroom and assuming its programmable let you overdrive it a bit if you wanted to.

    20mph takes a lot more than 250w in most cases. Maybe if you can also contribute another 250? 15mph is more reasonable. A person in reasonable physical condition should be able to average 11-13 mph so with the help of the motor you should be able to get to and maintain 15 assuming the whole setup is correct for gearing and such.

    For just 4 miles 10 ah should be fine. For that small of a motor 2 miles per amp hour should be worst case. Bigger motors that could be more of an average but as they say your results may vary.....


      Thanks for the reply. I will be pedalling most of the journey. The motor is just for the small hills on the route. I hate turning up to work tired and sweaty.

      so do you think I should stick to a 36v battery or go for a 48v?