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    Shengyi Geared Hub

    Purchased my first ebike and is currently being shipped. Its a Ride1up Roadster V2 with a Shengyi 500w (peak) 350w (nominal) Geared Hub.

    I want to de-limit it and have not had much results on the internet. It does not appear to have a wheel sensor so the handy method does not look like an option.

    Thanks for any info.

    I see you did not get a response. Welcome to the club. Nobody responded to my post troubleshooting my 350W Bafang hub motor. As to your question you should have that option with your controller. I had two geared ebikeling motors rated at 500W. There is a wire that if hooked up will limit the speed of the motor but if unhooked the motor will receive full power from the controller.

    It makes no sense to me for 500W motors to have a limit anyway. I do know that 1,000 and 1,500W direct drive motors by law have a 750W - 20 to 25 mph limit to comply with federal law. That as well can be bypassed by not hooking up the wire in the controller.

    Unless your a kid and first ebkie it seems ridiculous to limit a 350 or 500W geared hub as top speed is usually 20 to 25 mph and not great up hills. I have an ebike with dual 350W geared Bafang motors. Both controllers use a single throttle and battery. Performance is great and very noticeable vs. a single motor. It accelerates to around 20 mph quickly and is decent on low to moderate inclines.

    I have run those motors at 48V and will get > 25 mph top speed but I stopped doing it as I have brushless chain drives > 1,000W and a direct drive 1,000W - 48V motor so when I want to go faster I run one of them.

    I hope this helps you.


    LC. out.