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Grinding/rumbling MXUS Hub motor making so much noise!

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  • josh~rogers
    I got someone that knows electronics and mechanical stuff to check over it and we concluded that the controller is messing something up since nothing mechanical looks bad - the time when it started making the noise on my ride i checked my controller and the heat was crazy hot melting the plastic on cables around it so that might be a problem.

    I ordered another controller so i guess we just wait till it comes september 5

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  • stts
    waste of time
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  • Grinding/rumbling MXUS Hub motor making so much noise!

    Motor: 250watt MXUS Geared Hub in the front wheel config - 36volt

    Hi guys!
    Yesterday I was just going for a ride with a lott of bunnyhops but when i was coming home I opened my gate and as soon as i walked in it started to make this like grinding rumbling noise - kind of like a motorbike which is ironic. I disassembled it to inspect the gears and anything but i couldn't really find anything (also the controller i checked the mosfets and nothing seems to be up) I am an ebike noob so if someone could please help me that would be great - thanks! Above is a video of the problem!