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    Quote from insider: " For anyone interested buying a Rohloff, you can get one delivered directly from an authorized German dealer in Germany for less than $1k USD and in about a week.
    Whatever price you see on their website, take 20% off as over sees sales do not pay VAT. "

    That is good info to know for anyone that might not get one based on the +/- $1500 price tag.

    Also interested in seeing your cargo bike build.


    • insider
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      I have about 50 miles on the Rohloff / Gates / Bullitt (RGB).
      I'm pushing about 320lbs of bike + double child cargo box + 2 kindergarten kids + BBSHD + 24ah battery+me(130lb).

      I can manage the hills of SF on my home <> school <> work (15mile round trip) commute.
      I'm doing PAS only with 9 levels and I have not gone beyond level 3. The bike is very quite I can hear a little bit of the the BBSHD, but the belt line is silent.

      With the low center of gravity, the bike is so much fun to ride! The kids are screaming with joy everytime we go out.

      I will do an in dept RGB build write up soon!

    • Eric Luna
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      have you tried this yet....sounds interesting to me ;)

    My skis for my kitplane were built in Canada, I remember the shipping being "quite a lot", and then the final insult. 6 months later I get another bill from UPS, something to do with custom fees or words to that effect. About $200.00 (the skis were $4500.00) I blew it off, didn't pay it. A few weeks later I paid it after a short talk with a UPS rep, who said " fine, you don't HAVE to pay it, you'll just never be able to use UPS again, ever." That kind of soured me on getting things directly from other countries!

    With the Rohloff, I didn't really know what I was doing, what I needed, so I relied on CM to get me lined out properly, plus as long the hub was right there in their shop it made sense to have them lace up the wheel. I also wanted someone I could call directly for any future help, plus I'll be sending it to them for any future work/maintenance, so they got my business. I could see the direct from Germany thing being the way to go for someone who knew what they were doing!


      I think we are getting a bit off topic here...

      I was quoted $1700 for the Speedhub 500/14 CC DB OEM2,(Before wheel build) that was a barrier to entry proof too difficult to penetrate.
      I ended up sourcing the hub, and send it to CycleMonkey. (I live about 11 miles from CM.) The thing with CM is that you'd have to be very specific to avoid paying stupid tax.
      With the best possible materials available for a the strongest Rohloff wheel it will cost about $200 (Labor & wheel parts - without hub - Don't forget you still need belt, chain ring and cog)

      If I get hit with customs I'll pay it, but pretty sure it is less than $1700 + tax.

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        Hey Insider...if you're only 11 miles away from CM, how about dropping by and asking Neil how much longer my fatbike (for the guy from Idaho, they'll know who you mean, keep it friendly) hub is going to take?! It's been 4 months, since my $1,000.00 down payment, and I've been very patient. BUT, in the last 2 weeks, after I just waited (not bugging them point being), after two different phone calls that ended with "I'll check it out and get right back to you", and then NOT getting a return call, I'm about ready to drive there myself from Idaho, seriously. I, like most, don't mind waiting, what I don't like is my call no getting returned as promised.


          After many months of waffling, I decided to not pursue putting a through the hub axle Rohloff on my fat bike. The process that they have to size the thing to your bike involves a test kit that Cycle Monkey sends you. It was a fine example of German engineering, and confusing as hell to me! I did it the best I could, but garbage in, etc. CM contacted me and wanted to send the test kit back for me to do it again, but I decided to drive to their shop in the Bay area from my place in SE Idaho, and just let them do it for me. When I eventually had other business that direction, their shop was not too far out of the way. Then.... TWICE this winter I got caught up in snowstorms going through the Donner Summit area, and got turned back due to not having tire chains! Having two AWD rigs at home, I'd be damned if I was going to buy tire chains at an inflated rate, for a one time use, for my plug in Prius. Which, BTW, has super good ice tires on it and could easily have handled the conditions those days, I live on a mountain by a ski area and have for 40 years, but I understand the highway department has to consider the flat land urban driver, when these make these decisions.

          Seems like a weird way to decide whether to go Rohloff or not I know! But I figured it wasn't meant to be, for now anyway. Meanwhile I continue to really appreciate the Rohloff on my Montague, and oddly enough, the derailleur shifting system on the fat bike has lately been behaving itself just fine, haven't missed a shift for some time, unlike before. I think I stumbled on the sweet spot of it's adjustment, or just got lucky! So, I bought a brand new heavy duty chain for it and just ride it as much as possible without needlessly shifting. With my Rohloff bike, I look for excuses to shift as it's so painless and reliable.


            Originally posted by g725s View Post
            Quote from insider: " For anyone interested buying a Rohloff, you can get one delivered directly from an authorized German dealer in Germany for less than $1k USD and in about a week.
            Whatever price you see on their website, take 20% off as over sees sales do not pay VAT. "

            That is good info to know for anyone that might not get one based on the +/- $1500 price tag.

            Also interested in seeing your cargo bike build.
            Finally did the writeup after 1000 miles on the Bullitt.

            Finally after about 1000 trouble free miles, I feel I'm ready to do a write up. In Summer of 2016 - I spend a lot of time researching a cargo bike setup to commute to work and to take my kids to school. After selling an old car that we didn't need anymore, I finally had the funds and settled on a Bullitt Cargo bike. This was


              Originally posted by insider View Post

              Finally did the writeup after 1000 miles on this Bullitt.

              Very nice build! BTW, great pictures. Thanks for posting them!
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                EBay score for $720
                only 7 bidders and my last bid was 26 hours before close
                Seller lived 5 blocks away and walked it over to me


                  I picked up a Rohloff on eBay for just under a thousand and had a friendly LBS install it.

                  I'm running a BBSHD on an Ohm bike frame. I love the smoothness of the Rohloff, though I have experienced a loss of motor power a few seconds after a shift and while going over bumps. Kind of odd... I'm guessing that may have something to do with the gear sensor, but I don't know if there's any way to test it without removing the gear sensor.

                  Every once in awhile, I also experience the shifter "sticking" as if a clutch wasn't depressed and the gears aren't fitting together to shift. That's always been very temporary and may be normal,, but still seems a little odd.

                  I could easily do with half as many gears even in hilly Seattle, but as mentioned earlier in this thread, shifting multiple gears at once is quite easy and is a non-issue.


                    I had my first Rohloff ride in a few months, as the fatbike is my winter ride, not the Montague. Just a 1 mile ride from a small airport to the cafe and back. I had forgotten how much I like it! It's hard not to feel a little defensive about the high cost of them, (and for those that have figured out ways to get them cheaper then I did, NOW you tell me...) and I for sure don't want to over do liking it just to not look stupid for paying so much for one. BUT, I really like it, over 3 K miles now, and a lot of 9K and up rides (the summits, not total vert) in fact so much rough and steep trail riding (not mtbr trails) that when I do make a paved street ride I realize I had forgotten how fast it is. Having both that very low and very high gearing is what they are all about, the reliability and bulletproofness of them is just a bonus. So far so good anyway, I did my first oil change, easy enough, and you also kind of douche it out also, no, you DO douche it out, after draining the old and before putting in the new, typical German engineering, almost overkill but real easy to do.


                      A quick update: last week I flew to West Yellowstone from my Idaho home, right past the Grand Tetons, with the Montague along of course. The airport is deserted this time of year, post peak tourist season, and it's about 3 miles from town. Once again while making the ride into town (not the highway, but a trail through the woods, pretty nice and still capable of a few surprises...moose, bison, bear, all possible) I was reminded of the joy of riding with the Rohloff hub. No doubt, part of this joy is in comparison to my other two rides, and their out of adjustment, mostly and usually, derailleur systems. The Rohloff just works, always, and is so precise and has such a wide gear spread, I still really want one for my fat bike. But I also really need to get totally up to speed/educated on how to properly adjust a conventional derailleur system, my bad.

                      The Travoy trailer fuel hauling setup is now fully fine tuned, mostly I just needed to get the proper combination of tie downs for the 9 gallon flexible fuel cell, so it didn't rub on the tires of the Travoy. I almost started to build some fenders to preclude this, but didn't need to it turned out. Having the transportation options the BBSHD/Montague/Rohloff hub offers once on the ground, is still hard for me to believe! Keeping in mind I've been flying with Montagues for 20 years or so, but now since the BBSHD conversion, topped off with the Rohloff hubs capabilities (high speed, PLUS steep trail riding) it is almost in the realm of science fiction! Other pilots are always amazed I manage to cram in the Montague into my small kitplane (along with full camping gear), them more amazed with how quick and easy I can get it out and assembled (way less then 3 minutes), but THEN when they realize it is e assisted, they are really blown away! But, as we know, there are e bikes and there are e bikes, and the hot rodded BBSHD combined with the Rohloff has performance that surprises, especially those (most) other pilots not up to speed on the current state of e bikes. They have no idea of the range or the speed mine has, and a few times i have illustrated this by pointing out a nearby mountain top, and telling them I could ride up to it's summit from where we were standing, and still finish the ride off by riding into town for a cold beer afterwards, that usually makes my point.