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    Interesting mod that!

    I`m running an 18T sprocket on the Alfine and was about to fit a 16T when i noticed the chain had a lot less teeth to catch on. But looking at how your tensioner wraps around more teeth when now in the `up` position i think we`re good to go!


      I have had chain skipping problems with the style tommie is using. I solved them by first zip tying the tensioner up onto the chainstay. Then making the chain as tight as I could, which was usually a half-link to a link sloppy. Then I released the tensioner. With so little slack the tensioner does its job and the chain has stayed put. I'm using a Surly Singleator on another bike and same technique has worked. I have the Singleator spring for push-up but so far haven't needed it.


        Originally posted by mbtuner View Post
        The chain that the LBS put on is 5/16" wide. I put the old chain back on, after removing a few links, with the derailleur as calfee20 suggested and it seems perfect.
        Great idea!
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