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Crunching Sound from Rear Hub

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    Crunching Sound from Rear Hub


    I have a crunching sound coming from my 750w rear wheel geared hub. I previously had a similar crunching sound, replaced the freewheel and it was fixed.

    Unfortunately this time I have replaced the freewheel but the crunching sound is still there. I can here it with the power on or off, pedalling or coasting. I am thinking it is either from inside the motor or from the wheel bearings. Does anyone have any experience of fixing or troubleshooting either the motor or the wheel bearings? The motor still seems to work despite the noise!

    Thanks in advance,


    It is an easy motor to disassemble. I had mine apart last week to check it out. This video shows how: Basically, you just remove the lock nut, take out the screws and tap the axle and it will come apart. You don't even have to take the freewheel off. You can then check out the gears.