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hill climber xiongda vs bmp 500w

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    hill climber xiongda vs bmp 500w

    hi everyone,
    I think I have matche the 2 best motor hill climber in the cathegory : affordable.

    I am searching for testimony for people who have experienced those 2 motors on the same hill to know who is the best climber and by the best climber i donot mean the fastest, i mean the one that gets up the hill with most minimal heat, speed is not important for me.

    The players would have to go up a hill on a 26 inch wheels carriing a total of around 300lbs including the rider with medium human pedalling.

    players: rear bafang bmp cst 500w 48V (or other wattage ) --- Vs -- Xiongda 2 speed motor24, 36, 48V (or other wattage) ... 3e5fdjF04z

    PS 1
    Please make sure to say if what you say is what you think or what you have experimented (approx % hill lenth and weight)
    fell free to add another affordable motor that could be contender based on experience.
    Battery will not be a limitation.
    All strategy permitted!

    I would be looking at something like this or a 750W bafang rear hub gear drive with 60V and KT 35a controller and the correct display to go with that set up. Well over 2000W with the 2nd set up.