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Rohloff XL hub install on a Surly Wednesday

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    I have had great luck on my trail riding (lot's of first gear starts at the bottom of super steep hills) BBSHD fat bike Rohloff combo so far. The Surly Wednesday has sliding drop outs, specifically NOT recommended by Rohloff but I am using the Rohloff tensioner so have everything slammed forward all the way. Surly TugNutts on each side kind of eliminate the sliding action, at least forward. I WANTED a thru axle type hub but could find one, and just could not stomach paying the heavy premium CM charges to get one. So, I went with Luna, and a QR model, and nothing has moved at all down there. I think I saved about $500.00. Don't ask me my spoke pattern, my LBS laced it up for me, after they spent time on the Rohloff site, so I assume it's done right.

    I did cobble up a aircraft cable/marine turnbuckle affair I first used to keep anything from moving backward (under braking pressure, was the theory) on both sides, but took off the one on the drive side. The left side is still "safetied" that way, but it can't go forward or back, no way/no how, and it allowed me to get away with using a QR.

    One thing about the Rohloff, I am a long time, high time user of the Rotax 912S light aircraft engine, which is made in Austria. The German made Rohloff has a similar very conservative mindset in their recommendations and cautions. I won't say I totally ignore my maintenance manual on the Rotax, but I use a little common sense and have had great success with reaching the 2000 hour TBO, with zero issues, doing about half what they wanted. I love the fact they are so conservative, Rotax and Rohloff, but there does seem to be some wiggle room in what you can safely get away with is my point


      Originally posted by CPG View Post
      Don't ask me my spoke pattern, my LBS laced it up for me, after they spent time on the Rohloff site, so I assume it's done right.
      Looks right to me (cross 2, not over the cover bolt), per your pictures, post #20 in your build thread.

      Here's one that I think is not done right (radial on one side, cross 4 on the other).
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        One thing about rough trail riding with the Rohloff (very steep, with baby head size rocks, on a multi use trail that runs around the mountain range literally in my backyard, never any bicycles on it of any type, just the occasional ATV, horse, or dirt bike, it's so rough it's sick, but hey it's handy and why I have a fat bike) is that I quickly learned how to maintain a firm grip on the handlebars, while also being able to shift quickly. I have also found the sweet spot between how long I have to stop pedaling or using the throttle before shifting, and it's surprisingly short. I just let up a tad and shift, with no loss of speed, pretty sweet!.


          Great to hear the Rohloff is up to the task.
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