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Rohloff XL hub install on a Surly Wednesday

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    I have had great luck on my trail riding (lot's of first gear starts at the bottom of super steep hills) BBSHD fat bike Rohloff combo so far. The Surly Wednesday has sliding drop outs, specifically NOT recommended by Rohloff but I am using the Rohloff tensioner so have everything slammed forward all the way. Surly TugNutts on each side kind of eliminate the sliding action, at least forward. I WANTED a thru axle type hub but could find one, and just could not stomach paying the heavy premium CM charges to get one. So, I went with Luna, and a QR model, and nothing has moved at all down there. I think I saved about $500.00. Don't ask me my spoke pattern, my LBS laced it up for me, after they spent time on the Rohloff site, so I assume it's done right.

    I did cobble up a aircraft cable/marine turnbuckle affair I first used to keep anything from moving backward (under braking pressure, was the theory) on both sides, but took off the one on the drive side. The left side is still "safetied" that way, but it can't go forward or back, no way/no how, and it allowed me to get away with using a QR.

    One thing about the Rohloff, I am a long time, high time user of the Rotax 912S light aircraft engine, which is made in Austria. The German made Rohloff has a similar very conservative mindset in their recommendations and cautions. I won't say I totally ignore my maintenance manual on the Rotax, but I use a little common sense and have had great success with reaching the 2000 hour TBO, with zero issues, doing about half what they wanted. I love the fact they are so conservative, Rotax and Rohloff, but there does seem to be some wiggle room in what you can safely get away with is my point


      Originally posted by CPG View Post
      Don't ask me my spoke pattern, my LBS laced it up for me, after they spent time on the Rohloff site, so I assume it's done right.
      Looks right to me (cross 2, not over the cover bolt), per your pictures, post #20 in your build thread.

      Here's one that I think is not done right (radial on one side, cross 4 on the other).
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        One thing about rough trail riding with the Rohloff (very steep, with baby head size rocks, on a multi use trail that runs around the mountain range literally in my backyard, never any bicycles on it of any type, just the occasional ATV, horse, or dirt bike, it's so rough it's sick, but hey it's handy and why I have a fat bike) is that I quickly learned how to maintain a firm grip on the handlebars, while also being able to shift quickly. I have also found the sweet spot between how long I have to stop pedaling or using the throttle before shifting, and it's surprisingly short. I just let up a tad and shift, with no loss of speed, pretty sweet!.


          Great to hear the Rohloff is up to the task.
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            Hi Rider

            What did Cycle Monkey have to say, or have you found another source?


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              Went with a set of Halo Vortex wheels and plan to transfer all my Shimano XT/Sunrace 11-50T components over to the new Banshee Paradox initially. This will be my pedal only ride. Rohloff expense and funky ordering process will have to wait. Wish there was someone local here in The OC (SoCal) that I could talk to in person about fitting a Rohloff to the 148 Boost Paradox. Not up for the trek to Monkey Labs or just throwing money at an ordering process that may not get me what I want. No Roholff for me once again... :-( Maybe after I put some serious miles on this frame or find out I just can't live with a Defailleur (lol).

            Maybe, just maybe the Kindernay hub is on the verge of reality - i.e. a real, purchasable product:
            At 10,490 Krona, it would be hundreds cheaper than the Rohloff and it wouldn't be the thu-hub axle kludge the Rohloff is.

            Still don't like the right-hand hub side, hydraulic shift dohickey - though the bar paddles are nice ...


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              I don't know? Think I'll let others be the guinea pig on that one. Not a very convincing video review; missed shifts, hill stall, clunking and sketchy R&L shift levers. At least the Rohloff is proven...

            I've been doing a lot of riding on both of my Rohloff equipped bikes this year, the Wednesday fattie and the Montague, and they both continue to amaze! No issues whatsoever with either BTW.

            Like last weekend, leaving a motel room in Butte Montana, with about 5 miles back to the airport, the first part down a pretty good grade. The battery was at 54+ volts and I was in a hurry (to take full advantage of the smooth early morning air) so I really romped on it! 38-40 mph, I passed a pedal biker at one point who was just coasting, about 25, I'd say I blew his doors off but I was in the other lane about 20' away, I'm not into passing regular bikers and this was one of the very few times I have. I wanted to keep hitting the green lights, they were sequenced right for a certain speed, and by hauling ass I got thru them all.

            Earlier, I had also hauled 12 gallons of mogas using the Travoy trailer, (1 trip) that is a great combo with the bike that has been working out real well. On the way home, I also landed on a remote 9300' mountain ridge, this is somewhat routine for me, and I have gotten somewhat blase about it. But every now and then it hits me: I'm doing this WITH a great ebike along for the ride! A few other pilots I know do this type of off airport flying but when they do, they do it flying light/empty, not with full camping gear and a BBSHD/Rohloff/Montague bike along with 17 AH of battery. When they go cross country, they are forced to buy their fuel at an airport, and regular avgas has lead in it (which mine and other's motors don't need or want, unlike the older aircraft engines) plus it's also at least 2 bucks a gallon additional, and the lead gums up the engine not to mention not good in general. Plus once they get somewhere, there they are! Whereas I can ride 42 miles round trip to an old gold mine ghost town and other cool things, like get cold beer. The Rohloff is the icing on the cake for me, and I have never regretted purchasing either one.


              Originally posted by ncrkd View Post

              I think Rohloff recommends the 2X as it causes less spoke/nipple "off angle" at the rim. Shimano recommends it as well. Flange diameter ...

              Rohloff also says to not cross over the cover screws, although it's apparently not the end of the world if you do. Radial spoking is definitely a no-no.

              I don't know when one uses the flange bands (from the start or when the hub is relaced).

              In the case of Rohloff, how many of these "thou shalts" are Teutonic witchcraft, who knows.

              Luna ;-) but not for the hub you want. For a Rohloff A12, I fear Cycle Monkey may be your only choice.
              Yeah, that's what I figured out on my Surly Wednesday build. The thru axle A12, supposedly a gotta have for my horizontal slotted axles according to Rohloff, seems to be unobtainable EXCEPT from Cycle Monkey. Rather then take it in the shorts from them again (I paid full retail, like a dummy, buying from them the first time for my Montague R hub) I saved about 500 bucks and bought a QA from LUNA. I opted for using a Rohloff chain tensioner (included with my hub I bought from Luna, and just forgot about using the hor slots for chain tension, my QA axle is jammed up tight forward, CAN'T slide more forward. Then a small marine turnbuckle and some scrap 3/32" hang glider cable rigged the left side (the only slide the torque wants to move backwards) so it can't move backwards, thus the QA axle works for me.

              One issue was the Surley drop out was 12mm, and the QA 10mm (as I recall), so I googled up some pre made 10 to 12 tubing, cut them to length, and made the 10 mm QA axle fit the 12MM dropouts just right. The only draw back is when I pull the rear wheel (no need yet, in several hundred miles), I need to not let those little tubing shims get lost. I ordered a few extra, they are dirt cheap and weigh nothing, I keep a couple in my bike bag just in case.