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48v 1000 watt Geared Fat Motor Kit

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    48v 1000 watt Geared Fat Motor Kit

    It says "Turn your Sondors into a monster All Wheel Drive." When creating an AWD system do you need a dedicated controller for each motor? I assume your able to Y connect both into the same battery but how does the LCD work in controlling each motor?


    I believe the Sondors have a 36v motor and battery, and even if it was also 48v, one battery is usually not amperage rated to run two motors simultaneously. But, yes, two controllers. I run a dual BMC geared hub unit with two 52v batteries and two controllers, with one throttle, and can invoke only one motor, or the other, or both on-the-fly. Of course, I'm almost always using both, especially in mud and snow, but my unit is a delta-style trike. A dual-drive is a little trickier on a two-wheeler for fitting two batteries and two controllers, of course, and I'm not sure of any "contention" between the two identical inline motors at an identical amp draw. There's no "contention" problem on a delta, since there no joining axle and the identical motors aren't inline. I think the strategy for the dual-drive two-wheelers is to have the front wheel controller putting out slightly fewer amps. But, functionally speaking, two inline hub motors at identical amps may actually be OK.

    The title of your post might have made more sense if it included something about Sondors All Wheel Drive Question.

    Otherwise, welcome to the forum here, InfoCentra!
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