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Offset Wheel/Rim on MP 5 Vector Front Hub Kit ..

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  • diverdon55
    commented on 's reply
    Thanks so much for the reply ...lots of good info .. When I installed this wheel I even used a wood block and hammer to insure it was in as far as possible .. Thinking and "your saying?" the axle went in more on one side than the other ...making the wheel cocked and off center at the top ??? I went to Grin Tech website and learned something about the axles on these ... Because of the way their made they don't sit flush with the bottom of the dropout ... A round axle of the correct size would but these are machined to fit the dropout width ...not the curve of the fork ... I can't figure how to do this "straight line" thru the center of the forks can't use a level to check for tilt either as when the wheel turns it throws it off ...
    I will continue to ride it every day and if /when I have to remove the wheel for something I will look into it more when I reassemble it ... It's just weird as everything else is OK ... I"m sorta maybe to anal about it .. My first 1 was a rear motor like yours ...came from China and I used 4 alarm batteries .. MP 3 ...

  • Tommycat
    Originally posted by diverdon55 View Post
    You really have not heard of anyone else with this problem ?
    I have seen a few posts regarding an offset rim, but they could all be resolved taken the steps I mentioned.

    Originally posted by diverdon55 View Post
    "Bikemad" in another forum told me The "problem" was fixed years ago .... Just thinking I got a lemon ...
    I just don't think you got a lemon, as this production run appears to have been for a long time.
    I consider "Bikemad" the ultimate reliable source for everything Pie related. He's very, very good.

    Originally posted by diverdon55 View Post
    Thanks for your help .. sorry this is so long ...
    Would like to do more. From the looks, it just seems that the axles are not setting in the dropouts correctly. I know that I had to file mine out a bit on one side to get the wheel parallel to the centerline. And with suspension forks, perhaps they got tweaked a bit off...?
    But after getting burned once trying to fix, and if the brakes are working well, and the tire isn't wearing unevenly, and it doesn't pull to one side, and you can put up with the looks, and you don't mind the caliper boot not covering the cable... then I can see your reluctance.

    Otherwise, if you want to give it a shot, we can go step by step, determining the cause, and finding the correct solution. Just take as long as you want, accurately answer the questions as given.
    And everything will fall into place.

    But a competent bike shop should be able to fix that for you if desired.

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  • diverdon55
    commented on 's reply
    Thank you ... I have sent them a email ..

  • Retrorockit
    Try Grin Technology. They aren't just vendors they make some of their own hub motors. Maybe they know something?
    They're all about hub motors. Their forum might be better for this question.

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  • diverdon55
    commented on 's reply
    Thanks so much for the reply ... I have had this thing apart several ..5 ? times for flats etc ..and have been very careful assembling it just because of the offset problem ... I know it's in the dropout correctly ... went thru this whole thing back in 2019 when I first build the bike ... accepted it was just how it was made ...nothing could be done ...recently I have looked into if they had fixed the problem ... seems like I'm the only one with this problem ...It's about 10 MM off ..I don't think the spokes will adjust that much ... I tried to have a motor relaced to a different size rim once ... Magic Pie Rim and spokes ... it never worked ..broken and loose spokes ruined the kit I'm wary of messing with the spokes ..... You really have not heard of anyone else with this problem ? .... "Bikemad" in another forum told me The "problem" was fixed years ago .... Just thinking I got a lemon ... I will ride it till it fails and then order another one ...just hope it's not defective to .... Thanks for your help .. sorry this is so long ... Don ...

  • Tommycat
    Hi diverdon55,

    I drive a Magic Pie V5 rear motor.

    The first thing I would look at... Drawing a straight line down the centerline of the middle of the fork tube. (centerline of the bike) Is the wheel straight with this line? I.E. Parallel with this line, with the wheel divided the same, between the top and the bottom. Now it can be more on one side than the other. The important thing is if it's the same off set, top to bottom.

    If the wheel is cocked, or at an angle to this center line. The problem lies with the axle position in the forks.
    If parallel, a procedure called "dishing" that involves shortening the spokes on the side the rim needs to move toward. Whilst lengthening the other side. Depending on where the end of the spoke is in side the nipple, will determine if you need to remove some material, get new spokes, or nothing at all.

    As an example, my rear motor needed a 3mm offset due to using a 7 gear freewheel that needed extra space. Now this is about a 1/4" amount that made the differences between the two lengths of spokes just .6mm (point six millimeters)
    I know you are a front hub with no disc brake, just giving you an example.

    If you want to see my mounting notes during my build, just click on the link in my signature below...

    This was the spoke chart information used to calculate the spoke lengths.

    Note that the spoke's flange elbows turn into the motor flange. (spoke on outside)

    Hopefully this will get you going in the right direction.

    If you were to post direct, head on, full length photos of the entire wheel top to bottom it may help.

    Click image for larger version

Name:	Magic Pie 5 Front.jpg
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    Any questions let me know...


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  • Offset Wheel/Rim on MP 5 Vector Front Hub Kit ..

    Hello ... I have had this kit on my bike since 2019 ... I really like it ..Ride most every day ... But ..The wheel is offset in the dropout ...motor is mounted correctly ..axle is slotted and will only go one way .. fits good ..I have had a Torque arm on both sides from the start .... Anyone else had this problem ? ?? Someone told me to adjust the spokes ... I don't think they will adjust that much out and I once fooled with the spokes on my first MP motor and it ended badly ...broken/loose spokes ... I'm thinking I got a lemon and am just stuck with it ... Any Help will be Deeply Appreciated ..
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