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MP3 wiring

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    MP3 wiring

    I have a Local Motors Verrado drift trike with an Magic Pie 3 in it. The wiring got caught in the wheel and got ripped apart. I'm attempting to rig it back together using this wiring diagram (see photo).

    I think only the battery gauge and throttle control matter for this trike. Brakes are mechanical, there are no lights, no cruise, etc.

    Given that the battery gauge takes pack voltage, that one is easy to wire up and works.

    It says that the throttle takes 4.9V, so I don't want to wire the 50V pack voltage for it. I'm a total noob when it comes to electronics. How do I wire up the throttle with the right voltage?

    Does the pedelec need to be connected as well? As I said, total noob.

    Looks like you only need to worry about 2, 6 and 4 on the harness and can ignore the rest, but without looking at a picture of what's going on this is more or less a guess. Good luck