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Smart Pie V5 vs. MP Edge

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    Smart Pie V5 vs. MP Edge

    I noticed today that LunaCycle just added the Smart Pie kit in the hub motor kit section of the online store. I've been waiting for the Edge to become available and was wondering if they are the same thing or slightly different. The listing here says 20A controller and other ads Ive seen for the Smart Pie say 18A controller. Is the Edge bigger and more powerful than the Smart Pie? I haven't been able to find much detailed and accurate specifications of these two smaller versions of the full size Magic Pie, so I'm hoping someone will post some specs for me. Thanks.

    Well, I have a Smart Pie and a Magic Pie 5 (on order) and will be trying out both. I should have a Smart Pie up and running in a couple days, the Magic Pie later next week. As I understand it, the Smart Pie is 400/800 continuous/peak, the Edge is 500/1000 while the Magic Pie 5 is 1000/1500. Depends on battery voltage, of course, and you can set the parameters either with a USB cable or bluetooth to make adjustments to speed and power. I will be using the 52V 13.5 amp hour bottle battery.

    Here are some comparisons from the Golden Motor Canada site.


      Thank you for that info and link wklatt. The LunaCycle ad for the Smart Pie 5 says up to 1000 watts (not 400/800) which is why I wondered if the Edge and Smart Pie were the same product. After seeing some of the videos on You Tube it appears that the Edge is larger in diameter. Maybe the Smart Pie 5 has been upgraded? Please share the results of your Smart Pie build, looking forward to it.


        Maybe with the 52V battery it might hit 1000 watts. I will be trying it out soon, so will see. Specs are often fairly conservative.


          I have a Smart Pie (from Canada) and a Magic Pie (from Luna). The Smart Pie is an easy build and it is a very decent motor, but not a performance motor. The Smart Pie is simple. All these motors are direct drive, so probably reliable. The deal is that the Magic is a big, 20 pound motor capable of running 1500 watts. The Smart is on a par with any motor you would buy on a factory bike for under $3000, that sort of thing, and it is closer to $300. I'd rather build the Magic on a steel frame with a torque arm. I built the Smart on a front fork, but it was CrMo, with a torque arm.

          The big difference, to me, is that the 20 pound motor will take stresses better. I can set both motors for 800 watts, pretty much legal, and the Magic climbs hills better. Neither gets very warm, but the big motor seems clearly more efficient. I can go up 5-6% grades with the Magic at around 17 mph, the Smart is maybe 13 mph. And I could push a lot more watts through the Magic in 5 seconds, with the BT app. I don't do it because the motor is fine at the legal limit. The Magic struggles on 10-11% grades. I can tell it is laboring. I have to look for grades tlike that. They aren't where I generally ride.

          The Magic s a 20 pound motor that everyone will know is a motor. For certain kinds of hard riding, twenty pounds is a lot of weight in back. I wouldn't want to do hard landings on rough terrain. A mid-drive is a lot lighter and it's located in a much better place on the bike. The 12 pound motor is reasonably small and somewhat stealth. The Smart is incredibly quiet, even being on the front. That is a really nice feature. The Magic is a little more noticeable. Gears are quite a bit noisier.

          I'd like to know what other people think. I figure I can live with the weight, and that's the big disadvantage for commuting type riding.


            George, I appreciate your input. I'd like to know what other people think too so I can make an educated decision. The Edge does look like it would be more to my liking with a little more power than the Smart Pie, and the Magic Pie is more than I need.

            How's the Bluetooth working out for you? Any glitches? I've got Android Lollipop and would prefer BT to the LCD dash.


              There is a new Android app (version), designed more for Marshmallow, and it's glitchy but seems to work if you can get it to pair.The app and BT are very handy. Everyone should go down this road. I use it to tweak the throttle a lot.


                Got my SP5 build completed and went for my first test ride last evening. Worked pretty good. Top speed was 33 km/h and acceleration was brisk. Not bad, I thought for a 400W motor. This is on a front wheel 20' folder bike. Then today I charged up the battery to 100%, and wow, even more power. Saw 42 km/h and 900W peak. This is with the 52V Luna bottle battery. Full charge is 58V. Yesterday the battery (just got it new) was only showing 49V. So the extra charge really made a difference. Here is a pic of my bike.


                  Very cool wklatt! Thanks for sharing that. It's much faster than I thought it would be and looks great!


                    oh wow i still have a downtube bike just like that...almost identical configuration with the powerful front wheel drive up front.

                    I used a mac motor with 35 amps.

                    here is an post on easter sunday ride i did with my bike through golden gate park in SF where i use to live.


                    one of the most hidden stories i can think of on with the lowest traffic numbers :( but one of my favorite stories to write about my favorite ebike.

                    I hope you got the same enjoyment out of yours i got out of mine,,,i put thousands of miles on it.

                    be careful though....i snapped my front fork twice and without torque arms it would have been fork snapped even with torque arms....but i use to ride the hell out of road etc.

                    Click image for larger version

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                    • brucemetras
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                      Nice! I had a Downtube FS 8 speed for years .. I stuck a Schlumph Speed Drive into mine and a Shimano 8spd IGH in the rear .. Looks like you have something similar on yours .. except I had to pedal mine.. snapping forks should have been eye opening for sure..

                    • wklatt
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                      That was a great story, Eric, about your Downtube in San Fran. Very inspiring. Great pics, too. I understand more now, why you are so passionate about ebikes.

                    • Eric Luna
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                      Thanks Wklatt,

                      I am also a pilot and have loaded this little bike into the back of my 172 many times... i was gong to try to find a picture for you :)

                    Yeah, the Downtube is a sturdy little bike and this model folds up tight to fit nicely into airplanes. And that bottle battery fits perfectly on top, and still allows a complete fold. A couple of guys at our airport are converting theirs to the BBSHD mid drive. I chose the lower power solution. But am looking forward to receiving my rear wheel MP5 to go on my real mountain bike. I was considering the BBSHD, but wanted the regen braking for coming back down the mountains. Currently, brake pads don't last long on my mountain bikes.


                      Just got my MP5 up and running. Was a little more work than my SP5 front wheel folder. This one is a 26" rear wheel FS mtn bike, and I also installed a Batt Man which was a little more work. Took it out for the first test ride this evening, and felt pretty good. Lots of power with top speed around 48 km/ hr. However, I don't have a full charge battery and the power output is cut back to 25A. This is a 30A motor, but my 52V NCRB 13.5 ah batteries are only rated for 25A continuous. I left the regen at the default 50% and I think that is a little too strong. Will cut it back to maybe 30%.

                      Will do more testing tomorrow, and try to get some pics up.


                        Have the MP5 ebike now at our mtn lake cabin, and tried some climbing with it yesterday. Doesn't have quite as much power as I had hoped. I was riding it just at home until now, and it ripped up the local street hills no problem, and barely slowed down. But it met its match with the steeper grades of the mtn trails. I can climb up these same trails with my pedal mtn bike (brutal exercise), and kind of thought the MP5 could do it without peddling like at home. But not a chance,... and I had to pedal assist to get up the steeper grades or it would stop. Of course, it was a lot easier than with my other peddle only bike, but I still had to work fairly hard. Part of the challenge was just keeping the front wheel on the ground. My 29er mtn bike is much better at that than this 26 inch ebike. So it will take some getting use to,... and will still be getting a good work-out on the climbs.

                        I also noticed the motor got fairly warm, so not sure how much stress I am putting on it. But if my MP5 was struggling up the climbs, I don't think an SP5 or MP Edge would be anywhere near adequate for this type of riding. They are much better suited for street riding and smaller hills than mtn trail climbing.


                          Just wanted to report in again on my Smart Pie 5 ebike installation. Been riding it for about a month now. It is a 20" wheel folder with a front motor conversion using a 52V (58.6V fully charged) battery. I just can't say enough how happy I am with this ebike!!

                          The SP5 has a lot more power than I expected. I can't believe they spec it as a 400W motor. I have a Batt-Man monitor, and when I start out, I am pulling a steady 20A at full throttle and 1100W after a full charge. Once I am down to 1/2 charge or so, 52V and about 800W, it becomes more like what I would expect, although still pretty strong. Top speed is about 42 kph at full charge and 33 kph at lower charge, but it accelerates to that very quickly. And it rips up small hills like they aren't even there.

                          So if anyone thinks this model doesn't have enough power, you might want to reconsider. Having said it is not for a mountain bike (need MP5 for that), or if you want to cruise at 50 kph (30 mph). But it does make for a great stealth street ebike. I always get a kick when I see people in cars looking surprised when I accelerate away from a light change. And it is totally silent.


                            Is it hard to pedal with a smart pie? I had a hub motor before which was very tough pedalling.


                            • dskips
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                              I think it depends a little on your regen but I've been for a 10km ride with the factory settings and no power and it was fine. Not exactly free but easy enough.