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Smart Pie 5 Pedelec function not working

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    Smart Pie 5 Pedelec function not working

    I have a Golden Smart Pie 5 and have been unsuccessful in setting up the pedelec function I have installed the smart pie display and pedal assist kit but have had no luck in getting the pedal assist function to work.

    Hi Steve,
    And welcome to the forum!

    I've got a Magic Pie 5 with no PAS... but I'll try to help.

    Have you correctly wired the PAS sensor to the lower harness connections? The RED, BLACK, and YELLOW wires? Details on sensor kit?

    Is the magnetic ring mounted on the correct side and doing the correct rotation? Do you have the correct sensor position and distance to the magnets? Any LEDs? Do you have voltage toggles (high/low) between yellow(sense) and black (ground) during crank rotation?

    Try setting the pedelec ratio in the programming to 100 to check for signs of life... with PAS level setting to 5 on the display.

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