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Will a Magic Pie v5 work in a 145mm dropout?

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    Will a Magic Pie v5 work in a 145mm dropout?

    Originally posted by Nozrydr View Post
    The user guide linked above says these are for 100mm front drop outs and 135mm rear dropouts.
    Can they be used in a 145mm rear dropouts? Is there enough axle to work with that extra width and get it all centered up?

    Hi Nozrydr,

    Pulled your question out of the Knowledge Base...

    It's been said that the maximum distance that one could build up too is 145mm. That is with the rear mount model with the 135mm recommended dropout... These are the only dimensions I've seen on it.

    Looks like the actual axle length is 200mm, but not sure if it's exactly the same on both sides. Looks to be close. See if that is enough for you to work with.

    The front mounted motor's axle is only ~168mm long, just for reference.

    See my completed Magic Pie V5 rear hub motor E-Bike build HERE.