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Tricks to Get your Hard Case battery to fit in the triangle

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    Tricks to Get your Hard Case battery to fit in the triangle

    Click image for larger version

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    See the complete article about fitting a hard battery pack in a full suspension frame here.

    Some frames are not well suited for hard case pack installation, especially full suspension mountain bikes which have limited space in the triangle.

    If you can get a dolphin pack to fit into the frame of a full suspension bike what you end up with is a polished looking ebike as in the picture above.

    First of all the smallest sized hard case pack to get to fit inside one of these frames is the Luna Shark pack which packs 52v 14ah (700 watt hours) which is a respectable amount of power to have in a small hard cased pack such as this.

    #1 you can drill holes in the battery mount so that you have more flexibility on the downtube where you dolphin fits.

    Click image for larger version

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    Read this build thread to see a great example of a build where a builder does an awesome job of mounting his shark battery in a space it would not normally fit.

    #2 Consider Rivnuts Click image for larger version

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    Rivnuts are a safe way you can drill additional mounting holes if you need them into your aluminum frame. Read about them here.

    #3Consider a custom battery mount adapter. Click image for larger version

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    For those of you who would like to move your down tube battery mount up or down without drilling new holes and adding rivnuts then I saw this bottle cage adapter on the net that might come in handy for mounting your batteries? Have a look here:

    #3 Consider permanently mounting the battery

    A lot of times its frustrating you can get the shark to fit inside the frame, but there is not enough room for the shark to slide out. In this case we have found one solution is to permanently mount the shark pack inside the frame.

    You have to charge the battery inside the battery but hey that is not a big loss f you can have a nifty looking ebike with a battery where it should go.

    The difficulty you will see is that the pack needs to be on the mount when you install it on the bike. To do this we have seen builders tap the frame from the bottom of the down tube and screw in the cradle and battery from underneath the downtube into bolts inside the cradle.

    #4. It may be time give up and consider mounting that shark battery somewhere else like on top of the top tube or on a rear rack. Click image for larger version

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