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Beginners Guide to Charging Batteries

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    Beginners Guide to Charging Batteries


    Have ever wondered whats the correct way to charge your battery.
    • How do I connect the charger?
    • What order do I connect the charger in?
    • Does it matter if the charger plugged in to the battery first?

    These maybe some of the things that you asked yourself.

    Below is a list of steps to follow to ensure that your charger is protected from an inrush of power. Sparks can still occur because the capacitors will need to be topped off but this method will reduce it.

    Remove the battery from the cradle or unplug the power connection from the bike

    1.The first step is to check the power is turned off at the powerpoint (if you have a switch connected to the AC wall outlet)

    2. IF you have the mini or the advanced model now it's time to select the amperage level( advanced only) and the % level. Since it's probably you first time please select 100% and 2amps (if it's a hard case)

    Click image for larger version  Name:	NO power connected to charger.jpg Views:	2 Size:	545.6 KB ID:	22835

    3. Now it's safe to plug the charger into the AC wall outlet. If you have a switch on your powerbar or powerpoint it's time to turn it ON. This allows the capacitors inside the charger to charge. The charger will turn green Click image for larger version  Name:	power on.jpg Views:	3 Size:	509.4 KB ID:	22836

    4. If your battery has a ON/OFF switch, put in the "OFF" position.

    Now it's safe to plug the charger into the battery. If your charger has a charging adaptor from barrel (or XLR) to XT-60 (Luna mini and advanced 300w) I recommend plugging the adaptor to the battery first and then connect the XT-60 side of the adaptor to the XT-60 of the charger and the final connections

    If your battery has a switch now it's time to switch it "ON".

    The charger will now start and the lights will turn red

    *Note: if you have the battery with the on/off switch you might need to toggle it on and off to start the charge cycle. To learn more please refer to the hardcase battery FAQ's

    Click image for larger version  Name:	use charge light.jpg Views:	3 Size:	542.7 KB ID:	22837

    5. When the battery pack is fully charged the charger will stop automatically and the LED will turn green, and if you used the wrong charger or it's defective, the Battery Management System inside your Luna battery will disconnect the charger (Over 58.8V for a 52V, 54.6V for a 48V battery). But it's always good to double check if you have the good charger!

    6. The charger can now be disconnected from the battery

    7. Now the charger can be turned off at the power point

    8. The charger can be disconnected from the power point and stored

    Problems that can arise if this method is not followed:

    * The charger can be damaged by an inrush of power from the battery, the battery connection can also be damaged.


    Charging brand new batteries can be found here

    Battery and charger trouble shooting can be found here

    Battery master repository (link to all the battery info you will ever need)
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