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    Open Locked Shark Pack

    OK, I've done the unthinkable... I lost my only keys to my Luna Shark battery pack. I have removed the pack from the bike, and removed the tiny 6 visible screws and I understand there are two hidden screws under the metal portion of the shark pack, and I don't believe there is a way to access those screws without destroying the pack and rendering it unusable.

    Can anyone describe a way I can remove the lock mechanism from the shark pack as I am able to pry up the plastic pack mount on the locking end of the pack. The lock cylinder is enclosed in a molded plastic portion of the shark pack. There is a rubber gasket around the metal locking portion of the lock cylinder on the inside of the shark pack. The rest appears to be totally enclosed in the molded plastic.

    Alternately, If anyone has a shark pack with the same key as mine, I would be thrilled to grossly overpay for an expedited key! The number stamped on the outside of the key cylinder is: D001 - I am told that this identifies the actual key needed to open said lock.

    If you have a matching key or want to discuss anything related to this issue, PLEASE CALL ANYTIME - area code: 517, phone number - seven two one, ten sixteen.

    Thanks in advance for any and all suggestions, advise, and/or assistance of any kind.

    Take it to a locksmith. They'll be able to get into it.


      Typically the kind of locksmith you want that will make you a new key is a full service brick and mortar locksmith, the kind with their own physical location (not a mobile locksmith)

      The lock is a standard cylinder and internally is not connected to wiring in any way. This bears repeating to the locksmith as he may have concerns about getting zapped working on a battery.

      Sometimes it can take visiting two or even three locksmiths to find one willing to give it a shot, be persistent. If nothing else they may be able to replace the cylinder entirely.


        Wow! Zak at Madman Ebikes ( 3,000 miles away in California, came to my rescue! He actually had a Shark Pack with Same lock number as mine and he sent me a couple of copies. Simply unbelievable. Thank you so much Zak. Zak has been a wealth of information for me and my TerraTrike Rover Bafang BBSHD build. If you need any help with anything related to electric bikes, I know no one more knowledgeable in the field than Zak at Madman Bikes (424-384-9799).

        Locksmiths were willing to pick my lock, but there were a couple of problems with this approach. I guess they figure they have you over a barrel and so they try to get away with charging $100+. Then when your through, you still need to replace the lock cylinder at a minimum. If you can find the actual Chinese cylinder in the US, your all set. If not, you either have to wait for one to arrive from China, or you have to fabricate or Jerry-rig whatever you can find to fit. I think short of finding the original keys, the solution provided by Zak was the best possible solution! Thank you Zak.

        And another thank you goes out to both paxtana and mtm408 for replying to my post.
        Madman Ebikes specialize in electric bike repair, kit installs and high powered builds.


          I'm happy to hear you got it figured out and way to go Madman Ebikes. Sounds like you ran into a greedy locksmith!!! That charge is ridiculous.


            I sadly have a similar issue. My new Luna Roam (BBSHD - 52v - programmed for 1500w) is FREAKING AMAZING but it arrived without a battery key. Luna's build tech apparently forgot to tape it to the battery pack per S.O.P., and they couldn't provide a replacement key... they will give me $20 refund but that's not going to defray locksmith cost and I would much rather save the hassle. So if anyone has 055 code (maybe that's "O55") I would definitely buy you some beers next time I'm in your town if you could send me a key. I'm less worried about security than about the battery falling off when I hit a big bump.


            • Estella
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              Hi i have the same luna pack with number 055 and i lost the key. Any chance u would be willing and sble to help me out. Id really appreciate it. Plz call anytime four two four 567 one five 8 two. Or different last four digits ..1 three seven 8. Hope to hear from you soon.

            • Jasdidit
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              Estella, I work for Luna Cycle and I have a Shark pack with an 055 key number. I'll give you a call later and get a couple keys sent your way. I can also help anyone else with a Shark pack and an 055 key number. Just call (800) 881 4471 and leave a message for Joel at extension 706.

            • keenanj
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              Joel, Do you have any more 055 keys for the shark pack? I just broke my last one not sure what to do but I want to ride.

            Well, a locksmith should always be on time, because the customers often call him in an emergency situation. Why don’t you surf the net to find the phone number of local locksmiths? Thankfully, I have saved the contact details of the local locksmiths in Auckland in my Smartphone, and I trust them fully, as they are punctual, hard working, and efficient.


              It's great to hear that you were able to get your battery pack lock issue sorted out. I've lost my keys more than once, so I feel your pain (you would think I learned my lesson the first time around).

              Had I seen the post earlier, I would have made the same suggestion as mtm408, but with a caveat. The caveat being that you have to do a lot of homework before you call a locksmith. If not, you might end up dealing with a locksmith who doesn't really know what they're doing, or a locksmith who will charge you an arm and a leg. Luckily enough, it seems like you dodged that bullet. That locksmith could have easily picked your lock without damaging it and made you a new copy of the key, and it wouldn't have cost $100 or more.

              For future reference I would like to suggest that you try picking the lock yourself? It might sound difficult, but it is actually fun and easy to grasp. This will help you avoid anyone who might try to take advantage of you. Being in similar situations drove me to take a crack at lock picking. Luckily there are a ton of good resources online that you can learn from. From all the resources I found online this one stands out the most and is extremely comprehensive: "How To Pick Locks: The Definitive Guide To Lock Picking".

              As paxtana said, the lock is a standard cylinder and picking these types of cylinders are fairly easy. For instance, you could have raked the lock or picked it open within a matter of minutes. After this you could have gotten a duplicate key made at home depot, for a fraction of the cost. Although your issue has already been resolved, I think having a skill like this on deck will help you out a great deal in the future.


                Here you go
                open your Hailong case this is a replacement

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                  thank you so much Joel. Luna Cycle Rocks. Fastest response time ever, and it comes with a key to my e-bike.


                    Does anyone have a 055 sharkpack key they could copy? luna support said they no longer had any and Joel never returned my call.


                      I don't think any locksmith is willing to pick these locks because seeking help from dealer is the better option than a locksmith
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                        If you have any practice at all lockpicking these are a breeze (only two tumblers)

                        There are toyota/honda blanks that can be used to make copies (there's a thread here somewhere with the part #'s)

                        I may have an 055 - I've got two or three that are different - I'll check when I'm at the shop


                          I've got an 055

                          Also 051, 069 & 074