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    Hi I'm a newbie to e bikes and also this site. Could anyone give me some advice. I recently bought an e bike off a friend who hadn't used it for some time.

    The bike is fitted with a LiFe PO 4 36 volt 16 amp battery. I charged the bike and went out but didn't get very far on the charge in comparison with the manual that came with the bike.

    My question is that - after fully charging the battery I'm only getting a 23.9 volt output reading at the battery terminals. I've had a chat with my friend who says that he did charge the battery occasionally even though the bike wasn't used very much.

    Do you think the battery is on the way out?

    I'd very much appreciate any response.

    Thanks, David


    Well LifePo4 cells are a bit different than Li-ion or Li-po cells... The voltages are not the same... they are fully charged at 3.65V and close to empty at 2.8V and the nominal is 3.2V

    "Normally" 36V lifepo4 does not exist... it's called a 36V but its a 38.4V pack or 12S... meaning 12S in series... so 3.2V x 12 = 38.4V

    If yours is a 12S 38.4V then it's near empty at 33V... also empty at 30V.. and dead at 24V... Often the BMS cuts out the power at 2V per cell which is very low... so if you are at 24V you are probably at the low voltage cutoff of your pack...

    Now your charger is maybe dead or maybe it's not capable of charging the battery at that level... I would recommend to get back to your friend...