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Where to properly dispose of lithium in the USA & Canada

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    Where to properly dispose of lithium in the USA & Canada

    Like anything else lithium cells can get worn out or damaged with time and become unusable.

    It is important to properly dispose of lithium if you need to trash it.
    Improper disposal of lithium is both illegal and is bad for the environment, as it can contaminate water and land.

    It is also dangerous to garbage handlers to place it in with regular trash, especially so with the sort of large capacity lithium used with ebikes.
    The picture below is from improperly disposed lithium causing a fire in the back of a recycling truck.
    Do not let this sort of thing happen, properly dispose of your old packs.

    Click image for larger version

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    So how do you properly dispose of a large lithium battery?

    Best option is to recycle it. For the nearest location to properly recycle your battery, please visit Call2Recycle and use the locator.

    For Canada please see the Canadian version of this site:

    Another option would be to check with your local dump. They often have specific days of the month where they offer collection of household materials considered hazmat (used paint, paint thinner, batteries) where you can go to drop it off. If possible we would recommend recycling it though.
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