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BMS overheating, limiting power

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    BMS overheating, limiting power


    This one ride I was ending my trip, but noticed a foul smell. Checked my backpack and indeed my battery pack was really smelly. I have the whole pack wrapped in the black electrical tape used to wrap soldier joints I guess. Anyway- I touched the BMS side of the pack and it was really hot to the touch, the smell is probably from the BMS heating the tape. Never experienced this issue before, is it because of the tape?

    It shouldn't get hot enough to make tape smell, no. Even though that's not a very good wrap material. Slimy adhesive, weak.

    you may have a poor connection in there. Unwrap, see what is at the hot point. Or ride again and check with no tape.

    Once you figure out what is getting hot, next step may be more evident.
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      One of the mosfets blew, worth to change the mosfet or just get another bms?


      • AZguy
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        BMS's are inexpensive and the MOSFET may have taken something else out (or something else might have taken the MOSFET out) so you know where I vote on this =]

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        It's takes a long time to ship from china, like one month average. I found one guy (just one) in my country that has some bms's in stock so I might buy from him if the price is reasonable. On a note: I think the mosfet wouldn't have blew up if it was connected to a heatsink!!! these 2 mosfets aren't connected to a heatsink, only the ones in the other side are...