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How to address inconsistent charging issue on hardcase battery

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    How to address inconsistent charging issue on hardcase battery

    There's 3 different places that this could be worn out due to mechanical fatigue.

    Number one and most likely is the wiring itself between the barrel and the XT 60, if it has been in a lot of use over the years bending those wires back and forth could cause every single individual strand to break to the extent that you would have an inconsistent connection. Especially prevalent is the portion we have seen where the barrel meets with the wiring itself inside of that connector, the portion where you see the barrel was designed with some plastic reinforcing rings built into it.

    Click image for larger version

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    The 2nd most likely cause would be within the charge port itself, which could unfortunately only be repaired by either replacing the charge port with another port or potentially changing out the entire barrel/charge port system in favor of XT 60 as shown here:

    Click image for larger version

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    The 3rd most likely is the barrel itself. This is less likely since there's not much in there to wear out, but hypothetically if the diameter were incorrect and enough carbon built up from an inconsistent connection sparking then it could cause inconsistent charging.

    The most straightforward solution to address the issue would be to swap out the barrel on the existing adapter by simply cutting the barrel off and bolting on our solderless barrel as seen here

    Click image for larger version

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    Note: latest XT60 to barrel adapters from Luna use this solderless barrel by default in the design so if you have the latest adapter and this issue comes up you can simply cut back the wiring and bolt it back on if the strands in the wiring ever wear out.

    In order to potentially sidestep any issues from the wiring being worn out you might want to cut back a good portion of the wiring before bolting it on. The great thing about this connector is it requires no soldering skills and no special tools and if the wiring ever does wear out again you can simply bolt it back on, cover with a bit of electrical tape (or silicone tape if you want to get fancy) and you're done.

    If the issue turned out to be not related to the barrel or the wiring on the barrel but actually in the charge port itself then we would recommend to change the port, and we could look into sourcing the port for you if you would like to go that route. Alternately if you want to put XT 60 on it so you don't have to worry about it later you can follow the picture linked to above. Generally speaking this would not require soldering skills either as you could hypothetically use the solder sleeves we sell on our site or even small size heatshrink butt splices if you have a crimper. Here's the link to solder sleeves for reference
    Click image for larger version

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