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Luna X2 / X2.5 Manual

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    Luna X2 / X2.5 Manual

    Click image for larger version  Name:	MATTE_X2_02__97385.1637724934.1280.1280.jpg Views:	0 Size:	305.1 KB ID:	146818Click image for larger version  Name:	LUNA_X2_DNM_05__69763.1641613348.jpg Views:	0 Size:	750.4 KB ID:	146819

    Table of content:

    Specs and general info



    Information/manual on the Ludicrous V2 controller.

    Electrical Troubleshooting

    Mechanical troubleshooting

    Motor uninstall/install

    Mods / upgrades

    Replacing the main harness

    Replacing the charge port
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    Specs and General info:

    For specs please click here to be redirected to the product listing

    Shifting: Take care not to shift under load, especially if going up steep hills, as this can be hard on your cassette and chain. Let off the throttle, or the PAS, then shift.

    Display: It uses CANBus communication so it will not work with any BBSxx / Ultra series display it will only work with Canbus Displays. This display also has a USB port, a nice surprise. To change the basic settings of the display hold down + & -. To reset the trip odometer, select trip and hit + and - at the same time. Take care not to over tighten the mount on the display! * Odometer and trip do not work with the V2 controller. *The Canbus 860C color display does not work with the V2 controller


    There is a key to lock/unlock the battery from the frame. The position of the key does NOT affect power. Please note that we do not currently have spare keys so take care not to lose the key. We recommend to store the key at home in a safe place. Without the key you can not remove the battery.
    Please be careful when turning the key. It may make it drop out without much warning once you have turned the key, so be prepared for that by holding the battery as you turn the key.

    The X2 battery is charged with a standard barrel. This means you can use something like the solderless barrel in conjunction with 48v Advanced Charger or 48v Mini to charge the bike if preferred over the included charger. The X2.5 60V does use a special connector.

    This bike has a temp sensor and high temp cutoff to prevent damage to the motor/controller.
    At high temp it will scale back the power. If heat continues to rise, it will briefly shut down to protect the internals.

    The chainring of this bike is a standard 38T 4 bolt 104 BCD Narrow-Wide chainring (stock chain length is 116 links). As such there are many aftermarket rings available for it if you want to go with a larger chainring, 40T could fit depending on the brand you get. But 42T will be really close to rub on the chain stay so make sure to double check! You can change the chainring without removing the chainring spider.

    • Tapered steerer, 1.125 x 1.5 headset
    • Headset ZS44 and ZS56 (zero stack)
    • Top headset bearing: P03 (41mm X 6.5mm x 30mm 45 degree)
    • Bottom headset bearing: P16 (52mm X 7mm x 40mm 45 degree)​
    • 31.8mm on the bars, with a length about 32"
    • Clamp on the stem is 31.8mmm and stem is about 50mm long.
    • Seatpost diameter 31.6mm
    • Head tube angle 66 degrees
    • Front fork travel (W/Rockshox) 160mm
    • Rear wheel travel (W/Rockshox) 140mm (about 5.5")
    • Brakes are SRAM G2 R , quad piston (Rockshox edition only)
    • Front rotor Sram centerline 200mm 6 bolts (Rockshox edition only)
    • Rear Rotor Sram centerline 180mm 6 bolts (Rockshox edition only)
    • Sram Eagle SX 12 speed cassette (standard HG driver, not the XD from SRAM)
    • Rockshox Deluxe Select+ 210mm x 55mm in Rear
    • Rockshox Debonair Yari 160mm
    • Some bikes comes with 150mm crank arms, some 175mm, you cannot pick or exchange
    • crank arm cap is M15x1.0 pitch head is 24.5mm (if you ever needs to replace it and we're out of stock)
    • 27.5" setup: 2.8" tires and 39mm wide rims (outer width) 34mm inner width
    • 29er setup: 2.6" tires and 34mm wire rims (outer width) 30mm inner
    • 15mm 110mm front tru-axle
    • 12mmX148 boost rear dropout (axle is 174mm long and 1.5 thread pitch) click the thumbnail to see a closeup of the model
    Click image for larger version  Name:	Screen Shot 2022-07-07 at 4.16.57 PM.png Views:	0 Size:	1.72 MB ID:	153417

    • Bafang M600 Motor W/Version 3 PEEK & CARBON silent gear
    • Stock M600 18amps 750W controller (1000W peak)
    • Optional Ludicrous V2 controller that triples the power (up to 3000w peak)
    • Comes with a simple DPC-240 display (click here for manual)
    • No brake cutoffs
    • 28mph speed limit on the stock controller, no speed limit on the V2 Ludicrous
    • Charge port on the frame and also a second one on the battery
    • Maximum charge rate for the 48V X2 : 5amps (optimal life 3A-4A)*
    • Maximum charge rate for the 60V X2.5: 4amps (optimal life 2A-3A)**
    *Charging at the maximum rate will reduce the life span of the battery.
    ** for the 60V X2.5, you can on occasion use the 5a setting the cells and BMS can take it, but we recommend 4A or under for your daily charge. Charging at the maximum rate will reduce the life span of the battery.

    (All measurements below are in CM)
    • 27.5 wheelset S-73.5 M-74.5 L-77.5
    • 29er wheelset S-75.5 M-76.5 L-79.5
    For more info on the frame geometry you can consult the Geometrygeeks website.

    Note that the info found there is not from Lunacycle directly, we did not validate all the data.

    This info for those that ordered with X2 (Or X2.5) with V2 Ludicrous option only:

    Warning , Never use a free VESC app found online, use the paid PlayStore or Apple store version .

    If you have a Color 860C display the voltage reading will show 12V, and eventually throw you an error 30 and the fuel gauge (%) will blink empty. Only the original Bafang display works. Any damage caused by using a 860C will not be covered under warranty.
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      Setup your bike:

      VESC UDATE: Your bike will be shipped with the most recent firmware available so please DO NOT update the firmware, the VESC app will suggest you to update but do not do it. If you think you need an update check with Lunacycle Customer Support staff first.

      WARNING: Never use a garden hose or pressure washer on your bike, please scroll down to the maintenance section for more info

      Unboxing / Assembly

      This video covers the complete bike assembly
      Down below there are segments on a particular part or component to adjust or assemble, they are all mostly covered in this complete video.

      If you don't wanna watch this video and think you can do it all by your self you should still watch out for the wheel spacers and keys.
      Please don't loose your keys as we don't have a set of keys for the thousands of different lock barrel there is, if you loose them you will have to take the bike to a locksmith so he can re-key the lock. If you loose a spacer you will have to pay for them.

      Make sure to watch the videos carefully as we will not replace parts that you broke during the install/setup.

      How to adjust the dropper seat post
      I'm putting this one high on the list so you take a look at it before trying to pull on it.

      How to install the handlebar and stem

      How to fix your top cap if it's loose

      Tip on how to install the pedals

      Click image for larger version  Name:	Luna pedals.jpg Views:	273 Size:	3.09 MB ID:	151820

      How to put the front wheel

      Now we have 2 hubs, one uses identical spacers the other does not

      For the DNM suspension, please take a look here

      For the DNM, it's an inverted fork so yes it's normal that the the 2 legs are turning and are not parallel, the reason is that one has the spring the other has the damper. You first put the axles in, tighten the 2 caps and at last to tighten the 4 set screws.
      Note: the video shows a KKE double crown fork but it's the same thing as a DNM fork found on your X2

      Don't remove the caliper black spacer until you are ready to put the front wheel in. The block is wider than the rotor so the wheel will fit in. If it does not fit that is because you depressed the lever before putting the wheel in. In this case you will have to spread the pads (Go to the mechanical troubleshooting for this procedure).

      Now we have 2 hubs, one uses identical spacers the other does not

      So if you're not sure which goes on what side here's a little video to explain.

      Charging procedure:

      Check up

      After you put the front wheel on and adjusted the stem and put on the handle bars you still need to go over a few things before hitting the trails.

      I say it in the video but please make sure that the derailleur is adjusted correctly and that the derailleur hanger is straight. The bike did travel all around the globe so it's normal that the box was banged a little, there is protection for the derailleur but the hanger could be bent a little.. fixing it before your first ride is simple, but not after the derailleur miss shifts and and you end up damaging something.

      If you are unsure about this or any aspect of setup/assembly/inspection, we recommend having your local bike shop do this and have them give it a tuneup. For people that are sure of themselves our series of videos this may suffice but if in doubt leave it to the pros!

      Also VERY important, please do not pull on the dropper, if the dropper wont go up then forcing it will result in a broken dropper and that is not covered under warranty, So if you want to extend it a little more please click this link and watch the videos

      Check the headset and top cap

      How to adjust the derailleur hanger

      This is the simple way, it's not perfect but will work, if you do need it perfect your local bike shop does have a tool to align it better!


      What tools you need to setup your bike and to maintain it

      Display manual

      Here is a manual on how to use the M600 dashboard, just click on this link to open the manual. Thank you Brad for making it!

      How to adjust/setup your Suspension

      Bikes shipped after June 1st 2022 will no longer have the chrome switch connected to the battery. The only power button is the display control pad.

      If your bike was shipped before June 1st 2022 and you want to know more you can click this link to see the video:​
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        Maintenance section

        We have a bunch of cool videos on our Luna Cycle Repair and Maintenance Youtube channel, We cover suspension, brakes, derailleurs, hubs/freehubs adjustment, tips and trick Click here to be redirected to YouTube

        Tools you will need for basic maintenance:

        Before riding checkup :

        To this maintenance video I would add:
        -Check the spokes, see if they are all tight.
        -Check the controller 4 bolts, over time all bolts can loosen up so best to check them once or twice per season (either Torx 10 or 2.5mm hex)


        Pretty simple, never use pressure washer or garden hose, we cover this here at the 1 minute mark.

        Replacement brake pads
        Kool Stop makes good pads for the DNM version of this bike (which typically use Dominion brakes, if yours do not this may not apply)
        Link to replacement pads. If your bike has Rockshox fork you would want this pad version

        Rear hub maintenance

        Even if you seal the motor it would never be enough, that applies to all motors. If you seal up the motor (taking it apart, adding RTV gasket maker and such) the motor will still get hot and when you dip it in water it will cool down fast, and the air will do the same inside. When the air gets hot it expands, it creates pressure inside the motor and air will find its way out as it's not a pressurized canister and then when the air cool down rapidly the air molecule will get smaller and that creates a vacuum. That vacuum will suck air in and will pull humidity and water in the motor VIA the weakest point in the motor which is the bearings and the gaskets. So you will still end up with humidity and water inside eventually. So best way to prevent that is to avoid dipping the motor into water! The only way to have a waterproof motor would be to coat the winding with varnish and also coat the controller in conformal coating and use grease that does not mix with water.
        During cold weather riding (or simply in heavy rains) this effect can happen without even dipping the motor, it can happen because snow will get on top of the motor and melt with the warm motor and then cool down again and will suck water in.

        So what can you do? for starters if you must ride near water/snow and suck best would be to grease the outer bearings so no water will get sucked through them, make sure that the controller is bolted to the motor. Then once in a while open up the motor and clean it and grease it, that will help quite a lot .

        Here at Luna we believe in dielectric grease, you should use it on exposed contacts like the 4 main power terminals of the battery and the cradle and on the XT60, no need for a lot, just a thin layer is enough! The main harness connection are already pretty good but you should still add some on the outer rim and little on the top so it will seal it up, if some got on the pins it's fine, no worries there! Maybe just don't pack the inside full of it as it will make a mess , and since it's already watertight it will create pressure inside and it make is easier to disconnect and you don't want that ... and likely end up with a bad connection as the connector becomes looser over time.

        Support notes: If we shipped your bike before June 1st 2022, and haven't done the chrome switch bypass yet, please contact us at If you put dielectric grease on the 2 round pins on the cradle you will get shutdowns while riding.

        Battery contacts maintenance.

        Over time the battery contacts needs to be taken care of as they can get loose and that can lead to terminal getting hotter. This is a simple trick that will ensure that the contacts have good pressure on the terminals. you only need a pick or a tiny jewelers flat screwdriver

        Simply pry both tabs on each of the 4 connectors

        Click image for larger version  Name:	IMG_0310 copy.jpg Views:	55 Size:	295.8 KB ID:	161612Click image for larger version  Name:	IMG_0311 copy.jpg Views:	61 Size:	962.5 KB ID:	161613

        IF you store the bike for a couple weeks, make sure that the battery is not in the frame and stored in a cool place (room temp or less), make sure the battery is is over 20%

        For long term storage (2 months or more) make sure that the battery is in a safe a cool place, charged above 40% and under 80%. Make sure the bike in a dry place, avoid high humidity.

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          Electrical troubleshooting

          This section is where you need to start if you have an X2 bike. You can also start with the Main M600 troubleshooting page but it's not a big deal if you start from here you will be redirected to the M600 page at the bottom of this page, once you are on the M600 page you will have to just skip the Step #2.

          Motor/display does not power up?

          Step 1 Battery bypass:

          You can bypass the battery with the charger, so make sure that the battery is inside the frame, then power the battery by pressing the side chrome switch, plug the charger into the wall outlet then on the frame charge port. Once you have the charger plugged in (either charging or not depending on the state of charge) try to power the display. If it does not power up by pressing the ON/OFF button on the control pad for 3-4 seconds, press and hold the "-" button for 3-4 seconds, if it still does not work then you likely have a wiring or controller issue. Please continue with the next steps.

          Click image for larger version  Name:	X2 power button.png Views:	0 Size:	99.9 KB ID:	146820Click image for larger version  Name:	X2 charge port.png Views:	0 Size:	868.2 KB ID:	146821

          Step 2 Measuring the voltage from the battery.

          FOR BIKES SHIPPED BEFORE JUNE 1st 2022 :
          The Z1 (same as X2) is different than a X1 or a normal generic battery as the battery is turned off once you get it out of the frame, there are not gauge or switch to turn it on. Please watch this video, the Z1 differs from the x2 because you have to drop the motor off the bike to access the wiring, so look down to motor removal section then measure the voltage.

          FOR BIKES SHIPPED AFTER JUNE 1st: The chrome switch is deactivated so you can measure the voltage directly on the battery, you can skip the next video!

          If you don't get a normal voltage from the XT60 with the chrome switch pushed ON, either 0V or a much lower voltage then what you measured when you plugged in the charger, then scroll down below to the advanced toubleshooting page where we would test the power switch.

          IF you do have the correct voltage then go to step #3

          Step #3

          Since you already measure the battery voltage, you can skip #2.

          Click here to be redirected to the M600 Troubleshooting pageClick image for larger version  Name:	m600_bare_motor_03__12749.1606184715 (1).jpg Views:	0 Size:	457.4 KB ID:	146822

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            Electrical troubleshooting part 2:

            Specific troubleshooting for the Luna X2 shipped before June 1st 2022

            This section part is for the bikes shipped before June 1st 2022, all bikes shipped after that do not have the chrome switch hooked up so please skip this section. So best would be to perform the bypass and then measure the voltage directly... but if you're on a rush and need to troublshoot, please continue with the voltage measurement.

            If you have a low voltage coming from the battery after measuring it like step#2 (anything under 40V down to 0V) then you need to test the power switch:

            How the switch works:

            So the way to fix this is to bypass the whole chrome switch assembly inside the battery

            Why would you bypass it?

            So what is happening is that you are loosing power sometimes for 10 milliseconds or less and that will just leave you with a lit up display and dead motor, or and error 25 or 30, depending on the voltage drop it ca recover itself or just stay dead. But if the fault is over 10 milliseconds, the voltage will have gone too low and the processor in the controller will be dead and will need a reset, the reset can be that you have to power up the system again, but sometimes you will have to manually remove the battery and insert it again (or a quick charge of a few seconds) sometimes moving the bike and playing with the chrome switch can work too.

            So the reason for this is if the spring pins on the battery are sticking (the 2 round pins on the battery cradle) or if the battery is moving in the frame and the vibration makes the pin loose contact while riding or that the chrome switch is having false contacts.

            So the fix for this is to bypass the whole thing and make the battery always on like most batteries (sur-Ron is one good example, the Luna Fixed, luna galaxy bike, all the luna wolf and direwolfs). As of June 1st all the X2's and Z1 will have a bypassed switch , it will still be there but non-functionning. Since you need to power up the system using the handlebar mounted power button and have to power it down using the same button there is no need for the chrome switch it was redundant.

            How do you bypass the switch?

            2 ways, mine or the shop mechanic.. we have 2 videos on that:

            it's really a matter of minutes.. and you can use a wire crimp that don't need to skin the wires.. you just cut the 2 wires slip the connector in and crimp it with any plier like I did on my video.. it's simpler and also makes a better connection. This is what I used.

            White phone crimps, click here
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              Motor Removal:

              Click this link to be redirected to the M600 page, we have 3 videos on that topic

              Don't try to open your motor up and fix it you can do more harm than good, email us instead.
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                Mechanical issues

                If you have motor issues, don't try to open your motor up and fix it you can do more harm than good, email us instead.

                Dropper seat post issues:

                Squeaking suspension :

                quick fix:

                Complete video /advanced tips/tricks

                Brake issues:

                Spreading the pads

                Letting air out (AKA burping)

                Flushing out the air (AKA purging air)

                How to fix your top cap if it's loose

                Headset issues

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                  Add-ons / Upgrades:

                  Replacing the rear shock

                  If you want to urgrade the rear shock from a Rock shox to another RockShox you wont need to changes the spacers/bushing as long as you get the correct lenght and stroke (210mm x 55mm)

                  If you want to upgrade from the DNM shock to a RockShox or DVO, Fox. Ohlins and such, then you will need two (2) set of spacers

                  The front will require a 32mm spacer and the rear will require a 16mm spacers, the bolts are M8 (industry standard).

                  Note you cannot use trunnion type shock on this frame.

                  Click image for larger version  Name:	IMG_5372.jpg Views:	0 Size:	280.2 KB ID:	158092Click image for larger version  Name:	IMG_5373.jpg Views:	0 Size:	343.3 KB ID:	158094

                  Now that you know the bolt size (M8) and the width of the frame you need to figure out the diameter of the eyelet and the width and that will depend on the brand of shock you use. Most big brands are cross compatible (like Fox and Rockshox) which are 0.5" width (12.85mm) so you don't really need to check this. For more info on the types you can read some more, click this link

                  Rockshock/ Fox, width of the shock eyelet is 0.5", but it's a pretty standard size so you just need to find 32 X 8 mm mounting kit ( yes they used metric hole and english width lol). 16 X 8 mm mounting kit. Note: Depending on the brand or store, it could be labeled as 32xm8, 8mm x 32, or m8x32, but they all mean the same thing

                  Often just searching for: "RockShox (or Fox) Rear Shock Mount 8 x 32.0 OR 8x16" will lead you to the right part you need.

                  These are 2 links we found on the web for mounting a Rockshox Monarch shock to an X2, (we have no affiliation with this store)

                  Front kit: RockShox Rear Shock Mounting Hardware - 3-Piece, 1/2", 8 x 32.0
                  Click image for larger version  Name:	Screenshot 2022-12-01 at 6.08.00 PM.png Views:	0 Size:	185.9 KB ID:	158095

                  Rear kit RockShox Rear Shock Mounting Hardware - 3-Piece, 1/2", 8 x 16.0

                  Click image for larger version  Name:	Screenshot 2022-12-01 at 6.08.11 PM.png Views:	0 Size:	103.0 KB ID:	158096

                  If unsure then best would be to go to your local ebike shop for help, they can order the right part along with the right shock you need :)

                  Chain guide,

                  if you often get chain drops you can fix this for a few buck, it's not the best out there that is for sure but for under 10$ it's a bargain.

                  This is the the guide I got, you can find them on Amazon too : Ztto Chain guide for Bafang

                  The bolts included are too big you will need to get M4X8 and washers. Check if they fit properly, clean the treads if you got crud in the bolt holes

                  Click image for larger version  Name:	IMG_4892 Large.jpg Views:	1592 Size:	285.3 KB ID:	146826Click image for larger version  Name:	IMG_4893 Large.jpg Views:	1607 Size:	308.3 KB ID:	146827
                  Add a washer because the M4 bolt head it too small, add loctite (blue stuff) and tighten them up!

                  Note that the bottom left picture is not how the guide should be, you will have to adjust it back and forth so the nut on the back of the plastic guide does not hit the carbon frame. Then once the angle of the bracket is ok you can adjust the plastic guide up and down and angled it correctly. You can bend the bracket left and right incase you get rubbing in either top or low gears.
                  Click image for larger version  Name:	IMG_4896 Large.jpg Views:	1589 Size:	185.1 KB ID:	146828Click image for larger version  Name:	IMG_4897 Large.jpg Views:	1601 Size:	316.4 KB ID:	146829

                  Aftermarket cranks

                  The chart below covers the different type of cranks commonly found.
                  This can help determine which ones have cross compatibility with other models, i.e. M800 and M500 cranks would also work on this M600 motor
                  Click image for larger version  Name:	crank arm interface.jpg Views:	0 Size:	112.5 KB ID:	149618

                  So to recap, this motor uses a special spline that is exclusive to Bafang M5/600 line up. So the aftermarket models are not easy to find.

                  But if you do need shorter ones we do sell the 150mm short cranks that are nice to have if doing lots of intense trail riding.


                  Click image for larger version  Name:	X1_SHORT_CRANK_ARMS_02__50784 copy.jpg Views:	1519 Size:	216.4 KB ID:	149619
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                    place holder
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                      Replacing the main harness

                      First you will need a new harness (Click here) and you will need to remove the motor and the battery (Click here to remove the motor click here )

                      Then watch these 3 videos:

                      Part one

                      Part two

                      Part three

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                        Ludicrous V2 subsection:

                        Click image for larger version  Name:	M600 v2.jpg Views:	0 Size:	306.7 KB ID:	146823

                        We have a dedicated forum thread just for the controller with a complete manual and troubleshooting guide. You can also post and ask questions on that thread.

                        Do not open up the motor or remove the controller, you will void the warranty, please get an approval from either the support lead tech or the manager.

                        Support note on the V2 Bluetooth antenna range:

                        On the first production runs (2018) , the bluetooth range is very limited ,your phone need to be near the controller or in direct line of sight, at best you can have your cell phone mounted on the right part of the handlebars if you move the antenna out a little like this. Use a little tooth pick to pull the antenna out, be gentle do not pull on the wire and do not bend it more than this!

                        Click image for larger version  Name:	IMG_4872.jpg Views:	0 Size:	1.08 MB ID:	146824

                        For any motor related electrical issues please click here to be redirected to the M600 page

                        For a manual on the Ludicrous V2 controller please click here


                          If you need to replace the frame mounted charge port: