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Luna Z1 Manual

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    Luna Z1 Manual

    Click image for larger version  Name:	luna_z1_06__24220.1637641622 (1).jpg Views:	0 Size:	757.8 KB ID:	146801


    Table of content:

    Specs and general info



    Electrical Troubleshooting

    Mechanical troubleshooting

    Motor uninstall/install

    Mods / upgrades
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    Specs and General info:
    • Shifting: Take care not to shift under load, especially if going up steep hills, as this can be hard on your cassette and chain. Let off the throttle, or the PAS, then shift.

      Display: It uses UART communication so it will not work with any M600 / or Canbuss Ultra series display it will only work with UART Displays (BBSHD /BBS02).

      There is a key to lock/unlock the battery from the frame. The position of the key does NOT affect power. Please note that we do not currently have spare keys so take care not to lose the key. We recommend to store the key at home in a safe place. Without the key you can not remove the battery.
      Please be careful when turning the key. It may make it drop out without much warning once you have turned the key, so be prepared for that by holding the battery as you turn the key.

      The battery is charged with a standard barrel. This means you can use something like the solderless barrel in conjunction with 48v Advanced Charger or 48v Mini to charge the bike if preferred over the included charger.

      This bike has a temp sensor and high temp cutoff to prevent damage to the motor/controller.

      The chainring of this bike is a standard 5 bolt 130 BCD Narrow-Wide chainringAs such there are many aftermarket rings available for it if you want to go with a larger chainring, So make sure to double check the clearance between the chainstay and the ring when changing sizes! You can change the chainring without removing the chainring spider.
    • Tapered steerer, 1.125 x 1.5 headset
    • Headset ZS44 and ZS56 (zero stack)
    • 31.8mm on the bars, with a length about 32"
    • Clamp on the stem is 31.8mm
    • Seatpost diameter 31.6mm
    • Head tube angle 66 degrees
    • Front fork travel (W/Rockshox) 150mm (6")
    • Rear wheel travel (W/Rockshox) 140mm (about 5.5")
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      Setup your bike

      UPDATE: Bikes shipped after June 1st 2022 will no longer have the chrome switch connected to the battery. The only power button is the display control pad.

      If you want to know more you can click this link to see the video:


      Where are the wheel spacers and where are the keys.
      Please don't loose your keys as we don't have a set of keys for the thousands of different lock barrel there is, if you loose them you will have to take the bike to a locksmith so he can re-key the lock.

      NOTE: In the videos below, I used a Luna X2 bike, but your Z1 is similar.... except a few things like the cranks arms.. they don't have pinch bolts so you do need to tighten the crank arm bolts really tight like 30-40nm and will also need blue loctite if you take them out again.

      How to install the handlebar and stem

      How to fix your top cap if it's loose

      Tip on how to install the pedals

      Click image for larger version  Name:	Luna pedals.jpg Views:	91 Size:	3.09 MB ID:	151821

      How to put the front wheel

      The spacers are the same on each side. Don't remove the caliper black spacer until you are ready to put the front wheel in. The block is wider than the rotor so the wheel will fit in. If it does not fit that is because you depressed the lever before putting the wheel in. In this case you will have to spread the pads (Go to the mechanical troubleshooting for this procedure)

      Charging procedure:

      Check up

      After you put the front wheel on and adjusted the stem and put on the handle bars you still need to go over a few things before hitting the trails


      What tools you need to setup your bike and to maintain it

      Display manual

      Click here for the manual
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        Maintenance section


        Weatherproofing, if you ride near the beach (high humidity, salt water) or if you ride in the wet /snow salt , you can prevent corrosion on the exposed battery terminals and can also waterproof your connections. Click this link to know how to weatherproofing


          Electrical troubleshooting

          Motor/display does not power up?

          Step Home Battery bypass:

          You can bypass the battery with the charger, so make sure that the battery is inside the frame, then power the battery by pressing the side chrome switch, plug the charger into the wall outlet then on the frame charge port. Once you have the charger plugged in (either charging or not depending on the state of charge) try to power the display. If it does not power up by pressing the OFF/OFF button then you likely have a wiring or controller issue. Please continue with #2, you could skip Forum as we know it's not the chrome switch or the battery (only true if the charger does work!) but you are already removing the motor so does not hurt to test it.

          Click image for larger version  Name:	Screen Shot 2022-01-11 at 5.47.10 PM.png Views:	0 Size:	868.2 KB ID:	146816Click image for larger version  Name:	Screen Shot 2022-01-20 at 12.11.15 PM.png Views:	0 Size:	196.8 KB ID:	146817

          Step Forum Measuring the voltage from the battery.

          The Z1 (same as X2) is different than a X1 or a normal generic battery as the battery is turned off once you get it out of the frame, there are not gauge or switch to turn it on. Please watch this video, the Z1 differs from the x2 because you have to drop the motor off the bike to access the wiring, so look down to motor removal section then measure the voltage.

          If you don't get a normal voltage from the XT60 with the chrome switch pushed ON, either 0V, 20V, 30V or just a much lower voltage compared to what you measured when you plugged in the charger, then scroll down below to the advanced toubleshooting page where we would test the power switch.

          IF you do have the correct voltage then go to sep General

          Step #3

          Remove the motor and check the connections.

          Click here to see the video on how to remove the motor.

          Step #4

          Test the harness, bypass the display and such.

          The Ultra motor is pretty much like a BBSHd motor, it uses the same displays, throttle and communication protocol, the main difference is the motor connections.

          Please click this link and follow the extensive BBSHD troubleshooting guide starting at step 2
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            Electrical troubleshooting part 2:

            Specific troubleshooting for the Luna Z1

            This next part is for the bikes shipped before June 1st 2022.

            If you have a low voltage coming from the battery after measuring it like step#2 (anything under 40V down to 0V) then you need to test the power switch:

            How the switch works:

            So the way to fix this is to bypass the whole chrome switch assembly inside the battery

            How do you bypass the switch?

            2 ways, mine or the shop mechanic.. we have 2 videos on that:

            it's really a matter of minutes.. and you can use a wire crimp that don't need to skin the wires.. you just cut the 2 wires slip the connector in and crimp it with any plier like I did on my video.. it's simpler and also makes a better connection. This is what I used.

            White phone crimps, click here

            If you need to replace the frame mounted charge port:

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              Motor Removal:

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                Mechanical issues

                Dropper seat post issues:

                Loose head set :

                Squeaking suspension :

                Brake issues:

                Spreading the pads

                Letting air out (AKA burping)

                Flushing out the air (AKA purging air)

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                  Add-ons / Upgrades:

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