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    Luna Eclipse for Sale in December. Tampa St. Pete Sarasota area. Local pick up only
    Removable front basket
    upgraded seat
    water bottle holder
    led lights
    phone holder
    slime in tires
    500 miles
    no drops
    Great fun bike. Moving up to a Luna mountain bike!
    This bike will be available around Dec 1. In time for Christmas!
    Entertaining offers over $1300 Click image for larger version

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      Hello everyone,

      Hope all is well! Just wanted to throw out there incase anyone was interested in upgrading or modifying their Luna Eclipse, that I just completed upgrading mine, and all went well. Here is what I did.
      installed a 52V 2000W rear hub motor which included a 40 amp controller w/SW900 display. I also installed a 52V 20 AH down tube battery with 21700 Panasonic cells, which I installed 3 rivet nut screws that allowed me to mount the battery bracket, and its solid. The 40 amp controller slides right into where the stock battery went with all the cable slack. All cables routed the same as stock w/the same amount of zip ties where needed. The frame folds back together perfect with no issues. Everything was plug and play for the most part, with the transitioning from the belt setup to a single speed chain system being the most work, as far as researching . This set up is definitely MUCH faster than stock, which I have yet to max it out, I let off at about 39/40 mph since I got nervous haha, but it was still pulling me. I installed a torque arm as well since this setup for sure requires one, and slapped on some knobby tires w/slime. Here are a few pictures.

      Click image for larger version

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      • Retrorockit
        Retrorockit commented
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        For cable brakes Avid BBB7 with EBC metallic pads work well. Rotors can be had up to 220-223mm.
        TRP makes some hydraulics for Ebikes. They had to upgrade their DH brakes with new fluid, hoses, and thicker rotors. Hydros for that speed will be around $200 each.

      • Haven76
        Haven76 commented
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        Thank you Retrorockit for the information! I am looking into those recommendations today. If you think of anything else please let me know!

      • lectrik al
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        I can't attest as to how they function, but just received a very nice looking 4 piston set I'm going to install on my buddys xp 3.0. They're on amazon for $138. and arrive in 2 days. Everything included, 180mm rotors, mounting adaptors and bolts, and the 1/2 finger alum levers look great.

        Zoom H876E, available in red or black, under - CooMengZoom. about half the price of the Magura's I bought for my Eclipse.

      Hey Haven 76, After thinking about it, I would probably say get at least the Magura mt5 brakes. One piece cast calipers is what you want/need for 40 mph plus stopping. With my stock Eclipse brakes I was lucky to "run out of hill cause I done run outta brakes" on my second newbie ride. Did not let it happen again!
      A good hill is the only way my Eclipse can see the speed you can run at.
      Not sure how I'd feel about a buick pulling out in front of my bicycle at 40 plus no matter what kinda brakes I was running.

      wonder if they make quick release holsters that use standard water bottle cage mounts? the cure probably ain't better brakes, but thinnin out the terrible drivers!

      anyway, here's some pics of the zoom brakes, which should work great on a bike like an lectric xp

      Click image for larger version

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