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    Anyone added climbing bars? My wrist is developing lots of pain and I need to move my hands around. The bar ends are tapers so something would need to fit inside and not obstruct the throttle


      Brand New Luna Eclipse For Sale - Matte Black Version
      Located in Brooklyn NY.
      Built - with 2 miles on clock to test.
      upgraded gel saddle - otherwise totally stock.
      Purchased in Feb 2023.
      selling as it’s too big for GF.
      Save on the 500$ shipping / taxes and the hassle of assembly.

      located in North Brooklyn NYC.

      $1500 firm.



        My shipping was free


          I'm a past Luna customer. I have a Luna 1500 watt BBSHD mid-drive kit mounted on a mountain bike. With a 13.5 ah Luna Wolf 52v battery, it does great climbing. I live about 10 miles and 2,000 feet in elevation above my town. On a recent ride into town, I charged fully and did about 25 miles round trip. I ended up with about 40% of battery remaining. At times, my road is so steep I need to go to full level 9 power assist (100% assist) but mostly I climb around level 5.

          Q1: How well with the Eclipse with do on this route in comparison?

          Q2: How well will the Eclipse handle super dusty environments (i.e. Burning Man playa dust).

          Thank you


          • paxtana
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            Geared motors like in the Eclipse are a middle ground between the torque of a mid drive and the reliability of a DD hubmotor. This allows you to do fairly well in most environments; something like burning man would be no problem (to be safe you could probably wrap the main section with plastic to keep dust out the charge port). It is pretty well sealed though, especially against dust. Way less moving parts than bbshd as well so much less that can go wrong.

            As to the very steep hills you are referring to, it is not going to be as good as a bbshd but it will probably get the job done. The better question is not what PAS level you rode your bbshd in but what gear you had the bike in while doing so. If you had to keep it on the lowest gear possible it may be most ideal to stick with what you already have. However, a general rule of thumb is that most e-bikes with geared hub motors can handle inclines of up to 12-15% comfortably. Keep in mind that as the incline increases, the motor will have to work harder, which may result in reduced battery life and increased wear on the motor.

          Thanks for the fast reply.

          DUST: My bigger worry about burning man was getting dust inside the hub, reducing efficiency/power. If the hub is well sealed and won't have a dust issue, than additional tape/sealing over the hinge will do just fine for protecting the battery. Can you confirm the dust sealing on the hub?

          GEARING: I have a 9 speed Shimano cassette on my current BBSHD ebike. I climb in 5th gear. I can't climb in a higher gears because the chain slips for some reason. Never solved that issue when I originally built the bike. I also weigh about 220lb. There are some 15% sections and even an 18% section, but that is past where I would typically ride. 5th gear gets the job done just fine.

          BATTERY: Given that I ended with 40% battery remaining on my Luna Wolf, how do you think the battery on the Eclipse will do?
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          • AZguy
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            The cassette is likely a bit shagged (maybe chain too?) - once they start to skate like that they usually go downhill very fast and it's frustrating because any "damage" isn't obvious from a visual standpoint

            Fortunately 9sp chains and cassettes are inexpensive and sun race offers all steel cog cassettes that will take a lot more stress and abuse

            Regardless the hub drive on the eclipse has the advantage of a smaller wheel which will give it more torque but if you are going to do 15-18% grades it might be a bit anemic - for sure the mid will do much better with proper gearing

          • paxtana
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            The hub is very well sealed. It has an IP X5 rating.

            "IPX5 rating offers protection against water projected from a spray nozzle (or jet of low-pressure water stream) at any angle for up to 10 – 15 minutes from a distance of 3 meters at 30 kilopascals pressure. Generally, it is considered water-resistant, sweatproof, rainproof, or splashproof but not as fully waterproof."

            Basically if you got dust getting into your hubmotor internals, then your biggest problem is not going to be the dust.

            Regarding range there are so many factors to consider, would be difficult to say for sure. But if you have been climbing hills in 5th gear then it doesn't sound too steep. I would take an educated guess that the Eclipse would do roughly the same, but would advise to keep those fatbike tires well inflated for efficiency's sake. Please note this is in no way a guarantee that you would end a specific ride with specific results,
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          Hi All. Picked up my Eclipse today and it's fantastic.

          Question: I'm 6'2, 220lb, and have a 34" inseam. The stock post seems designed for people who are 5'8 or shorter (if I had to guess). How have others gone about resolving this issue? It seems like there are few 33.9mm seatposts available +450mm or longer. I'm also 220lbs and the ones i can find say 180lbs max.. Any links to products that solve this issue are deeply appreciated.


          EDIT: To answer my own question, it looks like the best answer is to shim. There seem to be a lot more options in smaller diameter seatpost sizes. Shim descriptions on Amazon are a little confusing but I'll sort through it and post my solution.
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          • paxtana
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            You could also try suspension seatposts, they add significant height to the top which makes them very suitable for taller riders

          Updates for the knowledge base:

          - With a UpanBike extended seatpost ($26) and a seatpost shim ($10), I fit comfortably on the bike. I'll put the links to these products below. Make sure you order the right size shim.

          - The bike climbed the 18 degree section of my dirt road without a problem, carrying my 220lbs and with a full charge.

          - Next up: Testing whether it can make the round trip. It entrails about 20 miles (or maybe 22 miles if I cruise around a bit in town). There's a 2,000' elevation gain involved. I have a feeling it won't, but there's only one way to find out.

          - There's a clunking noise from the front end when it hits a bump. Sounds like it's inside the fork. Have others found a solution?

          Product links (no affiliation or endorsement)