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Luna Eclipse Folding Ebike

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    Hey again, everyone! I've been loving the bike, but I unfortunately need to replace my rear tube after a recent incident. Is there already a guide out there for this process? If not, could someone let me know what tools (and dimensions) I need and what all needs to be undone/redone to remove the rear wheel and put it back? The engineering is a bit more sophisticated than what I'm used to dealing with. Anyhow, I would greatly appreciate the help!


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      It has a hubmotor so that wheel is fairly heavy. The basics are to disconnect the motor cable, remove the nuts and other small pieces that go on there (take a pic before doing this so you can put it back same way later) and remove the wheel. Then remove the tire using tire spoons, this is likely to be not fun so if you can it might be preferable to find an ebike friendly shop and bring them the wheel, have them swap the tube and put the tire back on, cost should be something like fifty bucks or less. If you can't find a shop I would look up how to use tire spoons on youtube

    So after 1500 miles the only thing that I hate is the horrible PAS programming.
    1 does nothing
    2 only ok with fill nattery
    3 clown pedal
    4!5 u less u less climbing
    I think this bike is best as a throttle only, which wasn’t the plan.


      I'm sure this was talked about already but I cannot find a way to search through the 11 pages of this topic. I'm looking for compatible storage mounts for this bike.

      I saw this one mentioned

      I was wondering if the ones listed below would work with the Luna eclipse?


        Can someone share the dimensions between these two points (shown in picture) under the seat area. I'm trying to determine if I'll be able to find a child seat that can mount in this location such as the Thule Yepp Nexxt2 Maxi Frame-Mount Child Bike Seat. Or another make that would potentially mount to the frame this way. it's the triangle area above the pedals. Thanks in advance.