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    Also, has anyone installed a cup holder on their bike? What brand/source did you use??


      Originally posted by paxtana View Post

      Possible to replace stock stem with a folding bike stem?
      Yes this is possible. A likely candidate would be this one:
      Do you have any suggestions for replacing the stem, or adding some kind of "raiser" to the stem so I can raise the handlebars a few inches?


        Originally posted by bwiesman574 View Post
        First day with my Eclipse and the kickstand broke the second time I put it down! It appears it is made out of a pot metal substance. I have entered a support ticket and will let you all know what comes of it. Also, pretty disappointed this isn't a 1000W motor, but rather a 500W. Why is this nowhere in the sales pitch that mentions this?????
        I am very interested in this bike but before ordering it is it possible to answer these questions:
        - what exact Bafgang motor model does it have and rated torque. (if 85N it would be great)
        - does it come with sine wave controller @ what A??
        - is it possible to program cruise mode ?
        - is upgrade to hydraulic brakes a easy upgrade

        Thanks in advance
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        • paxtana
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          Even if you had the actual model the rated torque would be like half of actual because it is using double the rated power
          Standard trap controller
          Spose you could put in a hardware based cruise throttle but probably easier just to get a crampbuster. No on the programming
          Swapping to hydros should take no time at all. Unbolt the caliper, bolt on new one, run the line

        How do you remove the control cable to the back hub? I want to take it off so that I can take the wheel off. What is the best way to do this?


          Also, I ordered 20"x4" Tannus Tire inserts, but the inserts that I got are simply too big in Diameter. Is there a reason for this?


          • Retrorockit
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            I don't work for Tanuus or Luna so this is unofficial. But I have been trying Tannus and I find the sizng to be less that straightforward for a couple reasons.
            Tannus uses the external advertised tire dimensions to size their product. But since it goes inside the tire this can lead to problems.
            1- A tire with knobby thread will have a smaller inner volume than a regular tire of the same outer size.
            2- A tire with flat protection layers will have the same issue. Smaller inner size than normal.
            If it's in the middle of the size range you can trim the Tannus to the next smaller size. But you may need a smaller Tannus in some cases.
            I would contact Tannus about your specific problem.

          BASE193 The connector is pictured below, it's the part with the white arrows on it.
          Usually this is a relatively simple thing but if you are having difficulty you may want to have the work done at your local bike shop.

          Click image for larger version

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            Anyone found a good and simple rotating handlebar stem? I saw the photo of the eclipse in a car trunk in an elektrek article and am concerned about fitting two bikes in a Corolla trunk.