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Luna's stand-up scooter specs

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    Luna's stand-up scooter specs

    (Luna note: this was written on the Super Scooter, there have been several revisions since this was written. This scooter is not same as the Apocalypse version which is an upgraded version)

    The battery is exceptional, the label says 52V X 20-Ah and the only info provided on the cell is 2900-mAh, I'm told it's 18650 cells. Here's what I have so far:


    Metal rim is 6.5 inch OD, Pneumatic tire is 10-inch OD, common 10 X 2.50
    Simple direct drive, three hall sensors, 6-FET ebike controller
    30 magnets, 27 stator teeth
    part number JZ48V800W160501722

    Two axle-bearings, 6202RS, 15mm ID X 35mm OD X 11mm wide
    Axle-flats are 10mm, threaded portion OD is 11.7mm, center section of axle (inside motor) is 14.8mm

    Stator: 115mm diameter, 40mm wide, 0.35mm thick laminations

    On this model, you have to roll up to 2-MPH before you can add power (safety feature?). Single drum brake, handle on the left, trigger throttle on the right. Requires a barrel-male connector adapter to charge, which I didn't have. Rather than wait, I popped open the deck-lid, and the battery is connected to the female barrel connector by a pigtailed XT60, so I plugged into battery pack XT60 charge connector...

    The drum brake on the rear wheel is weak, if you get the early version (like mine) you need to plan your braking ahead of time, like a boat. Needs dual disc brakes. Many will like the high speed, but the power is best used when climbing hills. It has a 3-speed limiting switch, which always starts in "low".

    Like most scooters of this style, the handle folds down parallel with the deck. The steel frame is very strong, but heavy...the huge battery has long range's heavy too. You can slide it under a desk, but don't plan on lifting it over your head to set it in storage.

    Click on pic to enlarge

    It has a small 6-FET ebike controller tucked under the handle-hinge in the front of the deck. XT60 connector inside the compartment, and a barrel connector mounted on the outside. To remove the rear wheel, the axle-nut is obvious, underneath that are retention washers (one on each side) but also...there is a small anti-rotation screw holding the drum brake onto the swingarm (shown with red arrow). After that, the wheel drops out, but is still attached to the deck by the cable to the controller.

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      To remove the stator, remove the 12 side-plate screws (six on each side). When new there is a small amount of adhesive between the sideplates and the wheel rim. Press down on the rim with the cable end of the axle up.

      Click image for larger version

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        Simple and reliable direct drive with a high pole-count. 40mm wide stator with 115 laminations means that each is 0.35mm thick. The drum brake shoes are fairly easy to get to an swap out. Adjusting them to take up wear is done by tightening a nut on the outside of the wheel, located on the tip of the brake cable. The thin pic of the brake actuation on the left is when the brake is off, the bigger pic shows it with the actuating bar twisted to 45-degrees, which spreads the shoes outwards against the drum.

        Click image for larger version

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