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    Apocalypse v.2 Scooter Manual

    See below for manual. For previous versions please see this page.

    Congratulations on your purchase of the Apocalypse scooter….It is sure to be a thrill ride but please treat it with a lot of respect.

    You will find your scooter a joy to ride and it is safe if ridden properly. But take your time getting acquainted with your new vehicle before operating on the higher power levels. This scooter is sold for race use and private road use only.

    It has 4 levels of operation… on low power it would be road legal. There is Eco, Turbo, single motor and double motor. The least power would be Eco with one motor.

    Important operation notes: (please read all)
    • This scooter is not a toy...use with caution...for race use/experienced riders only
    • The led light burns very little power...we recommend to always ride with lights on.
    • Make sure all quick releases are tight before riding.
    • The front brake is on the right side...use with extreme caution.
    • This scooter is shipped to you in power level 1… you must hit buttons for Sport and Double to get full power potential. (only do this when at the race track).
    • Like all electric motors the wheels want to spin fast, if used in a way where this cannot happen (like climbing a mountain while overloaded) this dumps heat into the motor and could burn it out. Do so at your own risk.

    How to turn on

    A long press on the power button will turn the scooter on. If it does not turn on make sure your light switch is in off position (scooter will not turn on with light on.)

    Notes on operation:

    Click image for larger version  Name:	8abf05b0-d786-0135-aa1f-22000ac4aea2-1515514661-902938.jpg Views:	1 Size:	1.87 MB ID:	55379
    The Apocalypse has 4 power levels. We recommend that until you are familiar and comfortable with the operation of the scooter, keep it in power level 1. We ship it in power level 1 which is a street legal 700 watt setting. We recommend you get acquainted with your new scooter in level 1 before taking it to the race track.

    On the display you will two buttons, one that says Eco/Sport and one that says Single/Dual. You want to activate Sport and Double for full power.

    Scooter weight:
    76 lbs with latest Apocalypse v.2
    Click image for larger version  Name:	8a9fc7f0-d786-0135-2a47-22000a26ab0a-1515514661-698182.jpg Views:	1 Size:	130.9 KB ID:	55380

    Notes on voltage
    The latest version of this scooter is 60v nominal (a quite high voltage for a stand-up scooter) Fully charged is around 67 volts….. Empty will be around 48 volts. Scooter ships with a charger for use with 60v batteries.

    The battery BMS should automatically shut off around 48v.

    Sometimes the BMS (battery protection system) will shut off the scooter before it is fully discharged (because of voltage sag). The easiest way to get the battery going again is to charge for a few seconds. It is a good idea to carry a charger with you on long trips in case the scooter shut down.

    RFID key fob lock:
    You need this to operate the scooter. It prevents unauthorized use. Do not lose it!

    Safe Scooter Operation

    Check tire pressure and overall tire condition before every ride.

    Check the nuts on top of the shock and make sure they are tight.

    Learn to stop quickly through practicing emergency stops.

    Do not ride on max power level unless on the race track

    Charging precautions
    • Charging your scooter
    • We ship this scooter with a special charger that does 60v.
    • Your scooter has awesome range…. Unless you are planning an extra long ride we recommend you only charge your scooter to 80 percent.This will greatly extend your battery life. If you are going to store your scooter for a long time we recommend you charge to 80 percent first.
    • Charging your scooter is one of the most dangerous parts of operation.
    • Only charge with a charger that is made for this vehicle.
    • Do not try to charge a damaged battery.
    • Your scooter contains a giant lithium battery 1200 watt hours.
    • Even though this Panasonic battery is relatively safe, all vehicles with large lithium batteries are a potential fire risk and should not be charged inside your house.
    • Pick a good place (prefer outside) to charge your scooter.
    • Do not charge your scooter inside your home or office.
    • Do not charge your scooter unsupervised.
    • Do not leave the charger plugged in overnight unless your scooter is in a fire safe place.
    • Scooter is water resistant but not waterproof. Do not store outside. Do not ride through the ocean or otherwise expose to saltwater. If using around water, be sure to use the built-in plug to keep water out.
    • Battery has XT60 inside on discharge connector in the deck (if you need to modify it you may need to know this)

    Notes on programming display:

    Not many program options on latest (v.2) Apocalypse. It is KPH only, not MPH. Only program settings are voltage display for different battery voltage, pole position (do not change this), and autostart vs. push start (do not change this). Hold up and down simultaneously to enter programming. Note: We do not recommend changing any of these settings

    P0- Voltage (60)
    P1- Wheel size (12)
    P2- poles (15)
    P3- Kickstart on/off (blank)

    Troubleshooting and Maintenance

    Changing the tire or patching a flat
    The wheel is a two piece that can be separated by removing a few hex nuts. After the nuts are removed, the wheels come apart and tire just comes off.

    The Tires are CST 90/65-6.5

    The Tubes are 6.5 inch tube for 60/65-6.5 with an angled valve.

    Scooter not turning on
    The RFID keyfob has a cr-20-32 watch battery in it, and it can die, the RFID on the remote does shine a blue light to easily check if its dead or not.
    • If the keyfob is not powered the scooter will not power on, so make sure you have checked this if your scooter is not powering on.
    • Make sure the battery is charged, when you plug in the charger does the fan come on and does the LED show red?
    • Can you disconnect the plug to the display then reconnect it to bypass keyfob?
    • Can you make sure you press the power button on the remote then power the display?

    Bypassing keyfob
    If you want to bypass the keyfob, (like say you lost the keyfob) you can unplug the display and plug it back in which causes it to power up and run.

    Charger not charging battery regardless of charge state

    Could be an issue with the charger, the plug, or the charge port. Please see this link for electrical troubleshooting

    Sparking when charging
    As with any ebike or other lightweight electric vehicle, you want to plug the charger into the wall outlet BEFORE plugging into the scooter to avoid power flowing backwards into the charger capacitors.

    For Only one Motor Working:

    The buttons are very confusing, so I think we can solve your issue very easily.

    If the yellow and red buttons are NOT pressed - one motor only.

    If RED button IS pressed Yellow is NOT pressed - two motors running at full power (if at level 3, if at level 1 it is at a lower power).

    If RED and YELLOW button IS pressed - two motors running at 'eco' power (lower power for the level - both button pressed on level 2 may still be faster than RED button PRESSED on level 1).

    If you develop headset play

    There's a set screw in the collar that that the light mounts to. Another set screw in the pinch collar. If you loosen both those collars and slide them up they you can get to the nuts for adjusting the headset. The pinch collar moves easy once the 2 bolts and the set screw are loose but the lower collar has a seal in it and it takes a lot of force and wiggling to get it to move up far enough to see the nuts. After you have exposed the nuts you need a Park Tool HCW-15 36mm wrench and an adjustable wrench. The park tool wrench is thin so it will fit over the lower thin nut, holding it in place while you loosen the other nut.Click image for larger version  Name:	scooter-headset2.jpg Views:	1 Size:	61.5 KB ID:	60178


    Brake pads are Kool Stop KSD721

    Loose charge port
    Click image for larger version  Name:	image_8023.jpg Views:	1 Size:	16.4 KB ID:	60345
    This is what the charge port should look like (design subject to revision)
    the port is threaded and it goes through a hole in the deck, then there is a washer and a nut. Tightening the nut should keep it in place. Take care not to touch the inside of the charge port with any metal if doing this or it will short. If your nut has fallen off you might need a new one which you could probably get from Home Depot. I would recommend using Loctite on the threads so the nut does not come loose.

    How to center the caliper on scooter

    For the brakes this can be adjusted like a bike caliper. What you do is loosen the bolts on the caliper so it can be moved around laterally. If the caliper can be moved, when you pull the brake lever it will automatically center the caliper over the rotor. Keep pulling the caliper while tightening the bolts and it will stay in this position, it is now centered. Might take a couple minutes to get the hang of but it's a great skill to learn, works on any bike or scooter with disc brakes. See below for what the caliper looks like, with a couple arrows pointing to the bolts. Depending on the frame there may be one set or two sets, one set if it is "post mount", two sets if it is ISO mount using an adapter.Click image for larger version  Name:	fetch.png Views:	1 Size:	206.7 KB ID:	60179

    The deck wheels are damaged

    IF you knocked it and the thread is stripped on the scooter you can just buy a standard M6-1.00 nut and put the nut on the back of the mounting plate.
    IF you also damaged the bolt it's a M6-1.0 35mm long hex bolt
    If you damaged the sleeve to well you can just get some roller blade bearing sleeve to replace it (click me)
    IF you lost the whole thing well you can just get some skateboard wheels and bearing for 6mm axle and it should be good!

    Click image for larger version  Name:	APO V2 deck wheel nuts.JPG Views:	1 Size:	886.3 KB ID:	69000Click image for larger version  Name:	APO v2 deck wheels.JPG Views:	1 Size:	1.57 MB ID:	69001
    Advanced troubleshooting

    If after replacing the dashboard (or if it lights up just fine) or if you have intermittent issues, throttle issues and such these 2 video might come in handy

    Part 1

    Part 2


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    I have v2. Wondering what the default settings are for P0 P1 P2 P3 (I didn’t see anything higher than P3 for square v2). Need to make sure I didn’t change these by accident and compare with default.


      Just got the scooter v2, and it's awesome!

      A couple questions:

      1. What is the recommended tire pressure?
      2. Is it harmful to charge the battery right after a ride?
      3. What's 80% charge mean? Is it 67V (full) - 48V (empty). Difference is 19. 80% of 19 is 15.2V. So 48+15.2 = 63.2V. Should we charge to around 63 for battery longevity. Or should we not care since better tech is going to come before this battery dies.
      4. If I want to charge it to 100%, does the charger auto-shutoff or do I need to watch it until it hits 67V? What do the indicator lights mean? I see both green and orange lights.
      5. My scooter is not set to require a rolling start. It goes even when it is stationary. Is this the default? I'm fine with it unless you guys know I bound to do something stupid long term, then I'll change it.
      6. Can you guys check out this video? At what point on the voltage meter should I be concerned that I'll trigger the BMS and switch to eco and single wheel drive? Running on Turbo Dual drags the voltage down and when I stop, the voltage comes back up. Anyone buy a power button for V2 yet?
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        I don't know what pressure listing is on the sidewalls of the tires on the V.2 but the super scooter had recommended PSI on the tire, around 50 PSI.

        No it is not harmful to charge immediately after a ride.

        Yes 80% charge on the latest V2 is around 63v. See the graphic below. This is an estimate not a guarantee, but is good for reference.

        The default that should be there is requiring a rolling start. Probably an oversight if this were not enabled on your scooter. See above for the setting to change that. If you choose to leave it disabled that's your right since it's your scooter but it is safer to use the setting as this scooter is extremely powerful.

        We recommend not using dual motor along with race mode when battery is below 50%, as the massive amount of current pulled will cause significant voltage sag on a pack that is significantly drained, that's just how lithium works. Too much sag and it will hit low voltage cutoff to prevent damage to pack.

        50% on the latest version Apocalypse v.2 is around 60v. You could probably keep using full power settings until around 57.

        50% on the original Apocalypse version, which used a 52v pack, is around 52v. You could probably take it down to around 50 before dialing down the settings.

        Click image for larger version  Name:	fetch.png Views:	1 Size:	69.3 KB ID:	59179


        • soheagle
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          Thanks. Some follow-on questions:

          4. If I want to charge it to 100%, does the charger auto-shutoff or do I need to watch it until it hits 67V? What do the indicator lights mean? I see both green and orange light

          6. Does the remote on/off switch work for v2?

        • paxtana
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          That remote is only good with 52v nominal batteries, not 60v nominal like the apocalypse v2.
          Maybe it would work but it will probably fail a lot faster than it would otherwise.

          Yes charger shuts off when battery is fully charged. The lights are different depending on the charger, I do not have specifics on this particular model sorry. When it is done charging, you'll know it as the charger will behave differently than the rest of the charge cycle.

        • Flyin2low
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          On the provided charger the left light is charger power, the right one is battery full (green) , not full (orange/red). The fan should run continuously.

        Thanks. I fully charged it last night and it went up the 65.5 volts, not 67. Is it possible to get 67?


        • paxtana
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          Like I said the chart is an estimate not a guarantee. Also you would want to measure voltage with a multimeter or batt-man, not the built in display. Most built in displays are notoriously inaccurate.

          Every charger is a little different though, you might try another one if you can find a 60v with the same plug.

        • Flyin2low
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          Mine only shows 65.2v when fully charged. Just remember that the display just guesses on the battery pack voltage based on the P0 setting entered.

        Question: I know its stated here somewhere do not change "P0" the voltage. Curious though if it would cause any type of damage if say set to setting 48 (assuming that is 48V). If the answerer is it would not cause some type of damage - might this setting make it possible for even longer ride times to what would be underpowered motors?


        • paxtana
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          The display does not change the low voltage cutoff, as it does not communicate with the battery management system. The BMS is what protects the battery from damage due to too low voltage (among other things).

          Setting P0 only affects how the display interprets the voltage it sees from the pack to semi-accurately display a battery gauge. LVC is hardcoded on the BMS and cannot be changed as this is an important protection mechanism to ensure long cycle life of the battery.

          It's a good question, but the answer is no, sorry.

        oh CRAP! The screw around the charging port slid to the tip when I went to plug in the charger cable. I grabbed some needle nose pliers to tighten and the tip of the tool slipped and happened to touch the metal piece in the center of the port and Huge spark happened. Cleaned out the black soot with pressurized air. Scooter would not turn on. Went to place charger cable and now it does not sit all the way in. It makes just enough contact to begin charging the scooter but still hangs out a bit. What now? Does it need servicing? Is it safe to charge like that? Help!


        • paxtana
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          Bummer. Yeah gotta be careful there, that's the full pack voltage.

          The Port can be replaced if need be, by unscrewing the nut and pulling it out from inside the deck. This would involve opening the deck of course, which is fairly time consuming.

          Pretty sure I have a spare port if you need it. Email support and ask for the email assigned to Gary if you want to go over details. Without a pic there is no telling how bad it is

        does the horn or light work? they are wired directly to the battery so if they work the bms has not been tripped

        so if they work try unplugging the display for a min then reconnect. and if this does not work, write back and we will proceed from there.

        if they do not work you are in for some work ahead of you. you will need to remove the deck lid which is sealed shut. you will need a few large screw drivers or pry bars, working them in from the back easing them in slowly on both sides, one side then the other and back again - not likely to be an easy task.
        then once inside unplug the controllers from the battery, wait a min and reconnect. try horn/lights if they work try to power up scooter. if so, win.
        if not, you are going to need to carefully open the battery to get at the bms, unplug the large white connector with all the balance leads/wires and wait a min, CAREFULLY reconnect balance leads and try horn. it should work or at least we hope so. if so, you might as well replace the charge port before you close up pack. (try to make water tight, as much as you can)

        also, best to replace charger barrel plug at this time as well.
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          The scooter did charge and turns on. Display shows 65.4V. Just still the issue that the charger cable does not go all the way in. From what you stated, I'm understanding it is extremely labor intensive to replace charging port by gaining access inside the battery case. So, I'm needing to know if indeed I need to replace? Or, can I "get by" ok with the amount of contact the charge wire now makes.


          • paxtana
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            There is no way to know that for sure. Luna representatives can not tell you that you can "get by" with it as it's a potential liability issue if that turned out to not be the case. We haven't even seen a picture of it.

            Possibly the metal just got a bit deformed and is fine, or possibly there is a blockage threatening to cause a dead short at any moment. We just don't know. Obviously it would be better to fix an electrical issue than not, but yes it would be work. The hardest part would be doing the wiring as it goes directly from the charge port to the battery and this would not be a wiring job I would recommend for a beginner as it's live wires.

          I appreciate the straight clear explanation on the matter. I've attached some pics for review. Best shots I could take.


          • Madman Ebikes
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            also, pls provide pics of charge plug & port so that we can see their condition

          Here are the additional pics. I took them in high resolution. Not sure if this forum reduces it in the upload.


          • Madman Ebikes
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            as gary stated, no way to know for sure. the connection is bad but not the worst i've seen but should definitely be replaced. if you continue to use it as is (which is not recommended) id recommend keeping a close eye on it and charge outside. just because it charges fine today doesnt mean there wont be an issue tmrw and since that connection is damaged there is no way to know if any damage has occurred that cannot be seen, best to replace.

          Yeah, possible electrical arcing and 1200 wh battery packs are probably something you don’t want to mess with. I would recommend opening up the deck and replacing the charging port as well. Maybe throw some Locktite on the threads and epoxy the inside of the port as long as your in there
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            Originally posted by DJVirtuous View Post
            oh CRAP! The screw around the charging port slid to the tip when I went to plug in the charger cable. I grabbed some needle nose pliers to tighten and the tip of the tool slipped and happened to touch the metal piece in the center of the port and Huge spark happened. Cleaned out the black soot with pressurized air. Scooter would not turn on. Went to place charger cable and now it does not sit all the way in. It makes just enough contact to begin charging the scooter but still hangs out a bit. What now? Does it need servicing? Is it safe to charge like that? Help!
            The battery protection probably kicked in. I had the same problem where the charger port sparked. The battery was revived by charging it via the xt60.


              Just incase you guys need this info:

              The inner tube for the tires are 90/65-6.5.

              The tires are held in by the hub. To get to the inner tube just unscrew the hex nuts. You don't need a tire lever.

              Do yourselves a favor and fill the tires with slime tube sealant. It will save you from a lot of problems later.

              The brake pads are Kool Stop KSD721.


              • Seeker
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                Hey thanks for info. Just got my Luna scooterV2 and so far love it. Is your tube info for V2?

                Also where is xt60 at inside case just guessing?
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              Yes the info above is for the new V2. The xt60 is inside, you need to open the deck cover. There is 8 screws total and there's heavy double sided tape as well.


              • Seeker
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                Since you are able to charge from the xt60, is the barrel charge port accualy conected inside the pack to the same place as the xt60. In other words they are the same circuit with only different conectors?

              • paxtana
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                No, it is not. Charging from discharge is not recommended.