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Apocalypse v.2 Scooter Manual

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    I think my display crapped out as well, remotes work ,head light can be turned on horn works funny thing is the brake light works, usually only would work when I turned the scooter on with remote and display does nothing no blue light blank.,


    • Flyin2low
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      Mine has done that too now. I’m with tech support (email) for solutions. Has anyone found a fix short of a new display.

    I’m wanting to make another key fob. I’m forgetful and lose small things all the time.

    can anyone tell me what the KHz is? Is it 125 like a car?

    I love my Apocalypse BTW! After getting ripped off by the Eon on indiegogo I’m so glad I found Luna, I believe I have the best scooter on the market!


      Does anybody know what the usb port on the apocalypse v2 display does, I want to try and plug my phone in but I'm nervous


      • realflyfx
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        it's just that...a charger



        Hello everyone....

        if anyone can help me out I can do the work I accidently had a spark on my Apocalypse v2 scooter! It would not turn on and the charger is not working either when plug? Can anyone tell me what I need to replace to fix? Last time it was charged at 60v and working. I opened up the unit and now trying to figure how to find the problem.....TX any help is a blessing tx.


        • paxtana
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          Email support..