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    Paxtana, what made you change rear hubs from the one you mentioned above (in your Build Documentation) to the Zee DH rear Hub? (Was it 32H to 36H) spoke difference that changed your Mind ?

    - What Size Rear shock are you running?

    - What the "Lbs" Spring Rating you Have Chosen (I weigh around 98kg) so I hope that the 500lb spring is Satisfactory



      (Highest I could find at the moment)

      Thanks again for the Extra Tips/ Mods & Photos regarding your Build


        Yeah the XT hub in a compatible width is only 32H. More spokes is more durability and since weight is not a priority a few extra spokes are preferable.

        My shock is 550lbs dnm burner burner rcp2. The amount of travel is insane and it is super cushioned even on jumps. The shock is a lot nicer than I had expected though it was not my first choice.

        I run 9spd on mine since the chain is wider and therefore more durable.

        You gonna love those icetek rotors great choice.


          Can't Wait mate, should be "such an impressive upgrade" from my BBSHD V-Brake Hardtail Mtb


            Just Curious, are using the SHIMANO Rear Hub "Zee" FH-M640/645 36 holes, 10mm axle, 135mm ??


              Specific hub I went with on rear was:
              Shimano ZEE FH-M645 36H Rear Freehub EFHM645D50B .... It's a 12mm axle and 150mm OLD and 36h. The specs vary on it and it's good to verify.
              Not super easy finding it. I had to have it imported from japan via ebay. Only other hub I found that was well regarded and fit those specs was a Hope Pro 2 Evo. It's several times the price and well regarded among DH bikers as badass but it is also very loud, check out a youtube video on it sometime it's ridiculous. I guess bicycle guys like that for some reason, but it's not good for stealth.

              In any case a nice wide hub is good for bbsxx, you'll have a better chainline. So 150mm is probably best.

              About the only thing I would change on mine would be the offset on the forks or other aspects of the "rake". The angle of the head tube combined with length of the forks and what looks to be 10-15mm offset where the axle mounts, it all adds up to make it very good for stability with on-road high speed use but a little unwieldy doing tight turns on singletrack.

              Probably not an issue for folks who put big hubmotors on these since those folks are unlikely to be doing lots of singletrack with it, but with a BBSHD and high performance suspension the thing is just begging to hit some serious trails.


                Thanks, it's good to have a secound hub option ( noticed it was only compatible for 8 to 10Speed) however it's going to be a bit of "Trial & Error" to get a successful Build, Hopfully not too much of the Later. Lol :)


                  I appreciate you "knowledge & time" posting your "build, tips & Mods"..... Just Hope it will turn out as good as Yours ! Thanks Heaps Paxtana :) I Enjoy the Single Tracks & State Forests


                    This is really impressive Paxtana! This might be my next build. You can never have enough battery space on an e-bike.


                      After more use I found there's really no getting around this modification if using using a BBSHD and singletrack. The BB shell itself was modified with notches so the standard mount plate could bite into it as much as possible, but with enough force from rough use (not to mention 2500W of power) it would move around after a while.

                      So the bike was modded with the BSB-1.

                      First this was lightly sanded and hit with some matte black spray paint. Here is the plate before mounting.

                      Click image for larger version

Name:	IMG_20180717_224345.jpg
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Size:	3.00 MB
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                      After finding the most suitable location on the frame, a small pilot hole was drilled, then swapped out for larger bits until up to a 8mm hole. The BSB-1 was widened in a similar way.
                      Below is what the bolt looks like going through the steel frame with the nut on the other side. A generous dab of loctite was used on the thread while tightening it up.

                      Click image for larger version

Name:	00100dPORTRAIT_00100_BURST20180718001121272_COVER.jpg
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                      The finished result. Happy to say it is held very firmly now.

                      Click image for larger version

Name:	00100dPORTRAIT_00100_BURST20180718000900335_COVER.jpg
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                          Need to see where the magnet sits in relation to the sensor and clearance needed,thanx